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Adult Entertainment Expo 2015: Fri, Pt 2: Booty Galore!


(For the first half of my Friday coverage go here: http://themastergio.blogspot.com/2015/02/adult-entertainment-expo-2015-fri-pt-1.html )

I continued my extremely busy Friday, with a visit to the Burning Angel booth. There I met the lovely Taurus who was blowing up a condom! With her tattoos, purple hair, and natural beauty, she is a real stunner! She also happens to have a really nice behind!


The next booth I hit up was the ArchAngel booth. They're a new company, but they are already heating up the industry with their hot releases and the beautiful women that star in them. As proof, two of the most stunning women in the entire business were there at the moment that I visited them and took pictures.

First off, we have the world's greatest and sexiest holla-hooper, in the form of Remi LaCroix. Remy is just one the most adorable girls to ever be in the business. A personal favorite of mine, and clearly of many others, she drew quite a line and a lot of attention from fans and press, as she posed for pics and signed autographs. Remy smiled throughout the whole time, showcasing what is one of the most beautiful smiles you're ever likely to see. Combine it with her stunning eyes and you have a vision that really brightens up any place that she is at. Of course, her ass is pretty amazing, too!
Next to her was another one of my utmost personal favorites, the beautiful Jada Stevens. Jada was looking truly stunning with her new hairdo. I was quite taken and captivated by how it added to her immense beauty. But, then aren't we always taken by her? I got have a quick little talk with her, and, as always, she was very sweet. She also reminded us that she has one of the greatest, if not THE greatest, ass on God's green Earth!


Afterwards, I went up stairs, where, as in years past it was dedicated to S&M. At one of the booths was the naturally busty and beautiful Alex Chance. Alex was on my list of girls, that I needed to meet so, I was glad that I got to the opportunity to do just that. Also, I would like to say that she truly has one of the best racks in the world!

I decided to go back to ever hot Clips4Sale.com booth next, where I found the stunning and sexy as fucking hell Kimber Lee. Kimber is absolutely gorgeous and simply smoldering. She posed for tons of pics, as a large group of people got around her to take pictures. She exudes sex in each and everyone of these pics, as you will see for yourself. Also, she had yet another amazing behind! In looking back at these pics, I see the theme of ass. Which I have to say is a pretty fucking awesome theme! Wouldn't you agree?


I had to meet one more girl, before I left. And, that was the beautiful Zoey Monroe. As those of you who are loyal readers, followers, and/ or friends know, I am a HUGE Adventure Time fan. So, when I saw this cute and sexy blonde cosplaying as Princess Bubblegum, I was flipping out! When I noticed that she had Jake and Finn happy meal toys, I was even more, well, happy!! I went up to take pics with her, she asked me if I would like to take the picture holding Finn, while she held Jake. I was like hell yeah! Considering that this was the last thing I did before I headed out and just how exhausted I felt, my day was freaking made! Woohoo! I swear, I fucking love covering this show!


DrunkethWizerd said...

Very cool that you met Jada Stevens. She's my favorite!

Giovanni Deldio said...

She's awesome, very sweet, and she's one of my favorites, as well! :)