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Hot Asian Girl of the Month: Devon Aoki

Valentine's Day, or as it should be called Hallmark Day, is a pretty crappy holiday. And, thus it makes Feb, at least for the first half, a pretty shitty month. So, we need a true stunner to make things better for us all. So that she can be our Valentine, and the Feb 2015 Hot Asian Girl of the Month. And, who better than actress, Devon Aoki?

The lovely Miss. Aoki was born in New York City in 1982, of a Japanese father, Hiroaki "Rocky" Aoki (a wrestler) and a German/ English mother. She ended up growing up in California and England, though. At age 13 she started modeling.

She later began appearing in some music videos. From there she went on to act in many films. Among then:
2 Fast 2 Furious- Quite frankly she and Eva Mendes are the only good thing about this godawful movie. The video featured here clearly agrees with me on this.
D.E.B.S.- One of my favorite comedies of all time. She is great as the always horny French girl. Also she looks amazing. The French accent, though fake of course, is kinda hot.
Sin City- Probably the best movie she has been involved with till this point in time.
DOA: Dead or Alive- Despite being one of many hotties in this movie, even she, nor the rest of the female cast, can save this turd.
War- Fucking badass and violent action film starring Jason Statham and Jet Li. She plays the daughter of a yakuza boss and dear God does she ever look hot in it!!!

With beautiful porcelain skin, a gorgeous face, stunning eyes, a nice butt, hot body, and KILLER legs (some of the best on the entire planet!), Devon Aoki always shines in whatever it is she is in, regardless of the actual quality of the movie. Now, wouldn't you like to spend Valentine's Day or any other day with this month's Hot Asian Girl of the Month?


Jim said...

Born in 1082, huh? She looks amazing for her age :p

Giovanni Deldio said...

She's a vampire! Lol.
Corrected. Thanks for noticing.

Jim said...

My pleasure. It gave me an excuse to look at the pictures lol