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Hot Asian Girl of the Month: Ming Na

March will bring the end of winter and the beginning of spring. That said its still cold here in NY and much of the US. I mean we are getting with more snow today into tomorrow. So, we all need an extra hot babe to be the March 2014 Hot Asian Girl of the Month. And, we got just that in this month's stunner: Ming Na

Ming Na was born Ming-Na Wen in Coloane, Macau on Nov. 20, 1963. 

That makes her an unbelievable 50 years old!! Holy shit!! I had no clue. Upon doing the research for this post I was blown away! This woman is a true goddess and flawless in her beauty. She does not look that age at all. God bless her. She is a true MILF. And, I am in love, as such.

Anyway, as a child she, her mother, and brother moved to Harlem, NY, then to Pittsburgh, PA. In Chinatown there, her family opened up a still running restaurant. She attended Carnegie Mellon University and got a BA in Fine Arts.in Drama.

She began her acting as a child on Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. She would continue to TV work on shows, I would never watch like As the World Turns and ER. I first came to notice her when she played Chun-Li in the godawful Street Fighter movie with Jean Claude Van Damme. She looked fucking HOT as hell in that. Her thighs looked delicious. Too bad the movie sucked balls, though.

Thank God she did some cool voice over work like Final Fantasy: Spirits Within, Spawn, and The Batman. OK that last one sucks in my book, but hey at least its better than Street Fighter!

The next time I would see her in anything in my rader was the terrible remake that is Prom Night. Man, she looked gorgeous in that! Still, its best you avoid that PG13 shit (I know there is an unrated version, but I never seen it and doubtfully ever will).

I was super excited when it was announced that she would be in Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.l.D. Then I saw the show. And, she is THE only good thing about it! Not only cause of her stunning beauty, but because she is great on it. A legitimate badass and total ass-kicker with a body to die for. Sadly, even she could not keep me interested, as I dropped the show. Sorry, Ming Na. I love you and all but...
Anyway, this video made the fanboy in me pop his eyeballs out Total Recall-style!!!

Well, that last video sealed my love for her!! A geeky MILF and a talented actress with a beautiful face, sexy thighs, hot ass, killer body, sexy hair, and everything else Min Na is enough to break any man's heart. She is perfect!! Even if much of what she does is less than so. But, so long as we are getting Ming Na, I am a super happy man!