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Toy Fair 2014: 3A, J. Marcus Company, and The Loyal Subjects

3A had some pretty nice statues at Toy Fair 2014. Here are some of my favorites:
 This one is from the video game Portal.
 I am loving this Dr. Doom!

J. Marcus offer wholesale awesomeness, like these Halloween decorations:

Finally one of my favorite booths was The Loyal Subjects. I LOVE their Transformers toys!! they are just so cool! I want these! Like really bad. Some are out, some will be out by Spring or later. Check out how cool they are:
 This Shockwave might be the one that I want the most!!!

 Two of my personal favorite characters: Megatron and Grimlock!
 They are also making Mr. Potato-Head figures!! The punk rocker is all kinds of awesome!