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Hot as Hell Annie Cruz Heats up the Adult Entertainment Expo 2014

Produced by and executive assistant to Master Gio: El Tiburon 
Annie Cruz. I been a fan of hers of for ages. This gorgeous Asian beauty has a killer body to for, a sexy bush, an amazing ass, and is into geeky things like horror and comic books (especially Batman!). She has long been on my list of performers that I have been wanting to meet. And, for the longest of time, I doubted that would happen. I always figured if I did it would be at AEE. But, that hadn't happened yet. So imagine my surprise and extreme joy when I found her in the S&M room upstairs this year!! I couldn't believe my eyes or my luck!

This was on Thursday, Jan. 16, 2014, by the way. And, let me restate what I just said, but with some real fucking emphasis: I could NOT believe my EYES or my LUCK!!!
 There was a demonstration of sex toys. And, they were being tried on Annie!!!
You can tell that I am a happy man, can you not?

That Sat, I decided to go back upstairs this time with my producer El Tiburon. I actually got to talk to her (something I didn't get to do two days before), and she was quite the sweetie, all smiles and very friendly to her fans. As she signed my picture, she realized who I was. She was like, "You're from Twitter!" "Yup, that's me!", I said. I got recognized by Annie Cruz. That dear friends, makes all the work I put into what I do worth it!


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Damn, indeed!! She's awesome!! This is what should be seen at an adult con!

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Good writing and even a decent writer you are...great blog!