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The 175 Greatest Heavy Metal Album Covers of all Time Pt. 2: 160-151

160. Deicide- Till Death Do Us Part- Taken from a part of the painting "Woman and Death" by Hans Baldung, this is beautiful and creepy looking cover adorns the ninth album by Florida evil masters of death. It's also a surprisingly non-satanic cover, but yet it ranks as one of their absolute best and creepiest looking covers.

159. Motorhead- 1916- The first of many Motorhead covers to make this list was the first Motorhead album that I ever owned. It's got cool WWI inspired artwork with flags, a war plane, and, of course, Snaggletooth!

158. The Black Dahlia Murder- Deflorate- A fat dude with some weird gas mask attached to something or another blasts some humans with an electric ray. I guess he is some sort of leader and these folk have disobeyed/ rebelled against him. I'm not really sure, but it is really cool, weird. and original looking.

157. Deftones- Diamond Eyes- The simple but beautiful photo of a majestic looking owl gives the alt/ nu-metal masters this spot on the list. Other bands have used animals on their covers, but it's the composition and shot, itself that makes this one rank here.

156. Five Finger Death Punch- War Is the Answer- The second album by popular groove metal act FFDP has their skull mascot in a gas-mask point at you with war planes flying over his head. He wants you!!

155. King Diamond/ Merycful Fate- A Dangerous Meeting- This compilation of some of the best songs from both bands fronted by the King, himself, is actually the first album I bought with him in it. The cover featuring a hand over an invitation, a dagger lying next to it, empty seats, a window with a cross, and a ghostly skull forming from it is both creepy and really cool!

154. Dying Fetus- Reign Supreme- A skeletal being with a torn up cloak and hood over skeletons and skulls is classic death metal. It looks great and cool. You see this and you just know that you are in for a real death metal album!

153. Bathory- Bathory- Classic and iconic cover from black metal fathers (or should I say father?) is a portion of a drawing by Joesph Smith. The satanic goat's head, AKA the Baphomet, is one of black metal's most easily recognizable images. Just think of how many people you have seen wear the shirt!

152. Blue Oyster Cult- Some Enchanted Even- This live album from this classic hard rock band is actually their best selling album. It also has their coolest cover as a grim reaper rides a horse. Just a great old school metal cover!


151. Malevolent Creation- The Ten Commandments- The debut from this death metal act has a demon rising what one would imagine to be the "evil" ten commandments in some desolate and nightmarish world. This is yet another album cover that perfectly captures what a cool death metal cover should be like.

The 175 Greatest Heavy Metal Album Covers of all Time Pt. 1: 175-161