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Monster-Mania Convention March 8, 2014

This past Saturday, I went with my friend Freddie to Monster-Mania in Cherry Hill, NJ. It marked only the second time I had ever been to the convention. We had a blast!

We got there about 11AM, when the show started but with some parking closed off at the hotel's parking lot, we had to park some 5-7 blocks away from the hotel! Yes, parking was fucking awful. This con is getting more huge all the time, not the least of which is cause of The Walking Dead guests. But, more on them later.
I should also mention that prices for some guests were crazy, including The Shining twins charging 60 for an autograph plus 20 for a pic with them, Gunnar (the original Leatherface) Hansen charging 25 for an autograph plus 10 for a pic with him, and others like this. I've been doing these shows for years and still don't get this. And, when they rise their prices, well, I get that even less. Whatever. The person, I most wanted to meet was Nastassja Kinski, but she missed her flight and was not there. Damn it. But, if it sounds like this post will be all bitching, no it won't. But, I have always prided this blog on telling the truth, the good with the bad, if you will.

Anyways, the first of the two people that I went up was the lovely Sofia Shinas, who played Shelly in the action/ horror/ comic-book classic film, The Crow. She has stunning eyes in person, and I got to tell her that that movie is one of my personal favorites.

The only other person I went up to was the beautiful Dea DeMatteo of The Sopranos and the actually quite good Assualt on Precinct 13 remake. I wanted to meet her for the longest of time, but when I saw that she was charging 20 for an autograph and 20 for a pic with her, I was a little turned off. But, with no Ms. Kinski, I was like "what the hell, why not?" She was very sweet and friendly in person and all smiles. But, the best part was when she asked my name for the autograph, and I told her my name was "Gio, well Giovanni, but everyone called me Gio" She said "Gio. I like that!" THAT made my entire day!! If not, in fact, week! 

I promised I would tell you about The Walking Dead cast. Well, much like last year, the lines were AWFUL, and everyone was charging 40 for an autograph plus 20 for a pic with them. No fucking way was I gonna go on those lines! That said, Emily Kinney, who plays Beth on the show, is soooo cute in person! 

There was some cool cosplay at the con including the following two:

Finally, we tried to attend the Candyman panel, but it was hot as fuck in the room! We couldn't take it and left the room. I did get to snap some pics of the still beautiful Virginia Madsen and Tony Todd, though.

In all, we had a fucking awesome time. I bought tons of shit, including: a 20 buck Fright-Rags Maniac Cop tee (come on I dress like the guy, had to!), from HorrorMerch I got a two for 30 deal of Jaws and Slumber Party Massacre tees, 25 bucks for Michonne and her Pets from The Walking Dead box set Pop! figures, Jason Voorhess Pop! figure, Maggie Green's McFarlane The Walking Dead action figure, and a Return of the Living Dead 3 mini-poster for a buck. We look forward to returning to this convention in the near future.