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The 175 Greatest Heavy Metal Album Covers of all Time Pt. 3: 150-141

150. Bolt Thrower- War Master- This death metal classic has a cover that looks like something of a power metal band, but who cares?! It's fucking badass and looks like someone was having a total Conan The Barbarian moment in mind!

149. White Zombie- Super Sexy Swinging Sounds- This remix album has a simple but cool and sexy throwback to 60s pin-ups covers, which I simply love! 

148. Danzig- Danzig- The iconic Danzig skull appears half way on the cover. Open up the CD or LP and you see the whole damn thing. Simple but so cool and most definitely evil looking! The use of shadow and the black background is just perfect!!

147. Amon Amarth- Surtur Rising- The mythological giant, Surtr, battles vikings on the cover of the eight studio album from the Swedish melodic, viking death metal band.

146. Exodus- Shovel Headed Kill Machine- The seventh album by these Bay Area thrashers has a really sweet looking sci-fi inspired tank, skulls, big guns, and splattered blood. Do you really need anything more in a heavy metal album cover?

145. Drain STH- Freaks of Nature- The second and final album from this all female alt-metal band has a simple but great looking band cover. It has two elements we all appreciate: four beautiful women and fire. It's hot in multiple ways!

144. Deadlands- Evilution- The debut album from this thrash band has a nude girl with no nipples, a stitched up stomach, wearing a gas mask, and somehow connected to a machine full of wires. Creepy, cool, and kind of sexual.

143. KoRn- Follow the Leader- Comic book artists Gregg Capullo and Todd McFarlane did the cover to KoRn's third album. A little girl leads a group of kids to the edge of, and probably off of of, a cliff.

142. Dark Angel- Time Does Not Heal- The forth, final, and, in my book, best album from thrash band Dark Angel has a pretty and clearly scared blonde, as creepy men are hidden in shadows in back of her in some alley. It's a nicely shot and scary photographic cover.

141. Burzum- Hvis Lyset Tar Oss- The title means "If the Light Takes Us Away" in Norwegian and is the third album from the solo project. The cover is from a drawing by 19th century artist Theodor Kittelsen named Fattigmannen (The Pauper).It features a dead body, crows, and a desolate path, in other words a place that is just filled with happiness and joy! 

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