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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2013, pt. 1: 70-61

It's the final month of the year, and that means it's that time once again for me to pick the hottest babes of the year. This is never an easy task, but at least it's always a pleasant one! There are lots of new girls appearing for the first time, as well as many returning favorites. Where will they be ranked? Well you will have to read all of the upcoming parts, as they are added, to find out. As always, this list is not like the other ones out there. Some women who are terribly overrated or have their lame asses kissed by other sites and mags ain't here. The girls that I've ranked include: models, actresses (both of the A & B variety), musicians, athletes, and porn stars. Anyways, let's not waste anymore fucking time and get right into it!

70. Hettienne Park (new)- Starting off the list for 2013 is stunner who adds a lot of eye pleasing beauty to the dark, gory, and intelligent horror-drama series Hannibal. Her character reminds us that smart chicks are hot! I look forward to the show coming back, cause: A. It's a great show. B. I can drool all over her, again!

69. Jane Levy (new)- Her character in the awesome and gore-drenched Evil Dead remake can be seen as a female Ash. A really hot female Ash, at that! She did a really good job in her role and looked hot throughout, including at the blood-drenched climax. I hope we get a sequel to this, and I hope she comes back to kick more Deadite ass!! By the way, I had no clue that she is a redhead. Yum!!!

68. Rachel Korine (new)- Spring Breakers was a shitload of fun. And, the young, sexy female cast certainly had a good deal to do with that. While, all four where very attractive, it's Korine that, to me, looked the hottest. Plus, she was the only one who showed us some nude T&A. And, that pink hair is hot, too. She's married to the director, who creepily, enough married her when she was under-aged. Regardless, we should thank him for not having a problem exploiting his wife's hotness, now that she is perfectly legal! 

67. Scarlett Johansson (new)- This delicious and shapely goddess had two movies this year, Don Juan and Under Her Skin. I didn't see either of them, but it kept her busy and in the public eye. Which includes my eyes, which makes me a happy man. And, I'm sure you guys and gals, too. Even better is the fact that she returns next year in Captain America: The Winter Solider as her yummiest and best role, the Black Widow.

66. Clare Coffee (new)- Grimm is a great horror-cop show with some very attractive females. But, to be the hottest of the cast is saying a lot. Even more so, if it's a blonde, as I am not really big on blondes. But, Coffee is a total looker, with gorgeous eyes, great legs, and a really beautiful face. She also plays a villianess, a witch of sorts, to be exact. Bad girls are extra hot, so this all adds up the tastiness of this babe.

65. Jennifer Carpenter (new)- I been a fan of this stunner for a long time, but she seemed to get more breath-taking every season of Dexter. Whether in street clothes, looking classy, or in a cop uniform she is delicious with gorgeous eyes and hot legs to die for. This was the last season of the show, so she had to appear on this list. Let's hope she continues to do stuff to warrant her staying on here!

64. Doris Yeh (last year ranked 2011 #26)- I've called her the most beautiful woman in music for good fucking reason. Yeh is a metal-Asian doll and a killer bass player. She returns to the list thanks to a new album, Bu-Tik, from the black metal act she is in, Chthonic. While, I prefer the album before it (Takasago Army), it's still a solid release.

63. Butcher Babies (Heidi Shepard and Carla Harvey) (new)- For the first time two girls, not related to each other, rank together, and it's the beautiful and buxom duo from metal act Butcher Babies. Their first full length album, Goliath, is an entertaining and fun mix of Slipknot and Otep, with some good sexiness added to the dark lyrics. While, they once wore only electric tape to cover up their nipples, they now have dropped the boobs act to get attention directed more towards their music and not their titties. Which is great cause they do rock hard. That they can also make one hard at the same time, as an added bonus.

62. Gina Carano (last yr #56)- She appeared in the latest Fast and the Furious movie and looked good. And, of course she kicked ass. Her action hero star is continuously on the rise. Which is an excellent thing for all of us who love her.

61. Kaylani Lei (last yr. 47)- She remains my favorite of all the Wicked Girls and one of the sweetest, prettiest, and most awesome girls to see at conventions. This natural beauty is hard not to fall for.