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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2013, pt. 4: 40-31

40. Willa Holland (last yr. 65)- One of the biggest jumps on the list comes from this leggy beauty who seemingly got even hotter on Arrow from the last time we saw her! Yowza!

39. Cobie Smulders (last yr. 31)- Cobie made a cameo on the terribly mediocre (and even that is being nice) Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. It was one of the FEW good moments on that show!

38. Lzzy Hale (last yr. 36)- Lzzy toured all year with her band Halestorm, looked hot, kicked ass, and her band's music was even in commercials. God, how I LOVE this woman!

37. Asia Argento (new)- With beauty, brains, and attitude to spare the Italian goddess is one that genre fans worship savagely. She also was one of the few good things of the godawful Dracula 3D from her dad. Her tits in 3D are one of the few things preventing me from saying that it was a total dud.

36. Alexia and Anissa Rodriguez (Eyes Set to Kill) (last yr. 68)- Another huge jump in the list, this one from the HOT Latina sisters from Eyes Set to Kill, who have released THE best album of their career and one of the best albums of the year in Masks.

35. Akira Lane (last yr. 32)- She made her first hardcore lesbian film, and after years of knowing her online I finally met in her person at this year's Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE). She is even hotter in person and just a blast to be around!

34. Remy Lacroix (new)- Dear God, this relative new star in the porn world is a total babe! Those eyes! That ass! Those boobies! And, then there are her scenes!! LOVE her! She is the future of porn!

33. Nicki Hunter (last yr. 23)- One of the most delicious MILFs in the biz! Her boobs, eyes, and stunning beauty are even more breath-taking in person, as was proven to me when I met her at this year's AEE.

32. Miko Lee (last yr. 7)- While, she was not in front of the porn camera this year, the beautiful Ms. Lee continues to fight for the protection of sharks. And, that is something I greatly love and admire.

31. Karoline Herfurth (new)- This HOT German beauty was the hottest of the three beauties in Brian DePamla's Passion. While, the movie had it's share of lesbian hotness and love, this redhead played the film's only straight up lesbian. Which makes her even more delicious and hot in my book. Totally yummy!!

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