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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2013, pt. 2: 60-51

60. Jena Malone (last yr ranked 2011 #26)- It's great having the lovely Ms. Malone back on the countdown! I think, and I'm sure her fellow fans reading this will agree, it's been too long! Her return is thanks to her awesome role in the superior and amazing The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. She looked gorgeous and hot in it and even took off her shirt. Sadly she had her back to the camera, which means we didn't see shit. Damn you, PG13 rating!


59. Amanda Seyfried (new)- A friend once described the lovely Ms. Seyfried as looking like a real life anime character due to her beautiful, big, blue eyes. I couldn't have said it better myself! She's also really talented even if some of her projects do suck. Thank God that was not the case with the well made but depressing Lovelace. Plus, she did what may have been the acting of her career, thus far anyway, in it. 


58. Veronica Avluv (new)- One of the HOTTEST MILFs in the porn biz today, the stunning and sexy Ms. Avluv is a huge personal favorite of mine. I love seeing her work, with last year's Dani where she got it on with Dani Daniels being a personal favorite scene. She is even hotter in person and very sweet, too. I met her at this year's Adult Entertainment Expo, where we talked about Dani's hotness, and she signed my copy of the aforementioned DVD, right on Dani's pussy on the cover. Dear God, as if I wasn't in love with Avluv already! Oh, and should mention she has one of my favorite pair of boobs in porn!

57. Brooklyn Allman (last yr 52)- This sexy, smart, and badass rocker continues to shine as her band Picture Me Broken continues to mature in their sound. I LOVED the video she released for Torture from the Mannequins EP. I anicously await their next full length album, which should be out next year!

56. Jessica De Gouw (last yr 43)- Last year, she was kicking ass and looking great as the Huntress on the awesome TV series Arrow. This year she has not been on that show, instead she is being wasted on the godawful Dracula. Oh well, sometimes stuff sucks. Both literally and figuratively.


55. Alanna Masterson (new)- This season of The Walking Dead has been its best since the first season. Adding a hot lesbian certainly, especially in the delicious form of Ms. Masterson, helps! This stunning goddess, who reminds me of the beautiful Camilla Belle, was a welcome addition. Sadly, she and her lovely love interest never so much as kissed on the show! What the fuck, AMC?!

54. Emma Roberts (new)- Another hottie from another horror TV show that is back to being awesome is Ms. Roberts on American Horror Story: Coven. Man, does she look hot! And, those legs!! She's one witch who has her spell on me for sure!!

54. Mellanie Monroe (new)- This shapely, big-butt beauty gave me one of the most fun and sexy interviews this year at Exxxotica Atlantic City. She also looked amazing! And, I been enjoying her porn output since then. And, that ass, dear God, that ass is truly a gift from the Lord above!!

52. Jade Bryce (new)- It takes A LOT for a blonde to impress me, but dear God, has Ms. Bryce definitely done so! Stunningly beautiful to the point of it being full captivating and distracting from everything else, Bryce is one of the best reasons to watch MMA fighting series Bellator. That she also has a great smile, attitude, and is very active and sexy on social media, are extra bonuses of awesome hotness!

51. Maria Brink (last yr 46)- In This Moment's Blood was one of last year's best and most successful metal albums. And, as such the gorgeous Ms. Brink has been touring and promoting the hell out of it. I had the pleasure of seeing an amazing performance by her band when they hit NYC last month. They rule and so does she!

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