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NYCC 2013- Sun

All photography by Negative Pop and myself.

Sorry for the delay, but I been ridiculously busy as of late. Anyway, here is the first of my two final posts on New York Comic Con 2013. Our final NYCC 2013 adventure began on Sunday morning, where I had to get there early enough for Baldwin and I to attend the WWE Halloween Horror press panel. After, a rather annoying inconvenience we were in and ready! The panel had the cast and crew from two upcoming horror films from WWE Studios: See No Evil 2 and Leprechaun: Origins. Everyone was awesome, but to me the true highlight of the day/ weekend/ con/ month/ year was meeting the beautiful, talented, and awesome Twisted Twins, Jen and Sylvia Soska!! If you have followed me for a while, you know I have been signing their praises for a long time now. Meeting them was such a pleasure! They are so sweet in person! And, of course, stunning! They recognized me, and were just awesome to me, as well as to everyone else that was present or would come up to them.
Talking and interviewing Kane was awesome! As a long time fan of his, this was just the coolest. Plus, he is really smart and a nice guy in person. Oh, and huge. Can't forget how huge he is!
 THIS is one of the greatest moments of both my journalistic and horror geek life!
 This is THE moment of 2013 for me! Not a lie! :)
 Michael Gingold of Fangoria conducted the panel for the fans.
If you wanna read what happened at the press panel check out my coverage on See No Evil 2 here: http://themastergio.blogspot.com/2013/10/we-talk-to-twisted-twins-wwe-about-see.html

Then it was off to do some more cosplay photography and enjoy the rest of the day (I had an interview set up with beautiful model Katrina Chivon, as well, and that shall be the next, and final NYCC 2013 post). Enjoy the following pics!

 One of my favorite Transformers: Soundwave! GREAT cosplay!
 More of this Shredder, cause he rules!
 The above two hotties did wonderful DC cosplay!
 Speaking of hotties, how hot is this She-Hulk?! Damn!!!! Her name is Echo Endless, BTW.
As you can tell by now, I had Soska Twin kiss lipstick on my face all day! Awesomeness! Also awesome, this Adventure Time car. NOT awesome was the annoying, little, teen girl who cut in front of me while Alan tried to get this pic of me.
 More Adventure Time awesomeness! Man, I soooo want that Gunter plushie!!! :D
Let's see they have tattoos and are cosplaying as two DC characters with a nice, cool, and sexy variation on the costumes. What's not to love? :)


Jen/Sylv Soska said...

It was SO amazing to finally meet in the flesh and give you hugs and kisses!! Thank you for always being so DAMN good to us. We love you, Master Gio!!

Jen and Sylv

Giovanni Deldio said...

Thank you! I mean it when I see meeting you two in person, and getting those kisses and hugs, was the highlight of the whole show, if not the yr! It's my pleasure to support you both, and you two always flatter me with your sweetness and kind words. Love you both and thanks! :D