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Hot Asian Girl of the Month: Ruby Renegade

Oh December, final month of the year, how cold you are! Well, for the Dec. Hot Asian Girl of the Month, we need one that's extra hot to keep you warm. As well as extra memorable babe to end this year's batch of hotties on a high note. And, thus I present to you a smoldering beauty that more than qualifies for both of these needs, nude alt model: Ruby Renegade!!!!!

This tiny and hot beauty is pretty much a dream come true for me! She is quite simply put one of THE hottest models I have ever seen. I sort of came into discovering her by accident. One of the Facebook pages I follow Asian Tattoo Girls posted a pic of her and my fandom was sealed! She's breathtaking!
Like I said she seems to be made straight out of my dreams, as she amounts to what is perfection to
me. Asian, petite, beautiful, tattooed, bi, and she has two pitbulls, which means she loves dogs. That, there dear readers, is what makes a woman a goddess, at least in my book it does.

And, apparently she is a wrestling fan. While, I am hardly the fan I once was, in fact I can honestly say I don't remember the last time I watched more than 5 min (which in of itself is rare that I even watch that much, nowadays), I still find it cool, when a hot chick, especially one like Ruby, is a fan. And, thank God she is a CM Punk fan! If she were wearing Cena merchandise or dressed in his look, I think I would be gravely sad.


This stunner also does cam shows over at MyFreecams.com. You check her out here: http://profiles.myfreecams.com/ruby_renegade
I LOVE her ink!! It's simply amazing! Just look at her back! Oh, and she has thirteen piercings! Good God!! Marry me, now!!
For those of you curious this beauty is twenty-three years old and a mix of Hawaiian, Chinese, Filipina, and Caucasian.

With a perfect body, cute ass, beautiful face, gorgeous, almond eyes, hot legs, great boobs, hot tattoos and piercings, and a sexy attitude, look, and style Ruby is one of the hottest women on God's green Earth! I hope she becomes more popular and gets a bigger following. She most definitely deserves it! And, we need to see much more of her!