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Random Hotness III: Hotness on Earth

It's been a while since I did one of these, but good things come to those who wait. Besides, I was not feeling that great and had to do something fun, considering I ended up staying in.

I been totally into Asa Akira since I met her at Exxxoctia NY. But there ain't a whole lot on her as she is fairly new to the biz. That said, she is a NY babe (yay!), and I do like her myspace. But more importantly, I found this vid of Nadia Nice interviewing her and them kissing! I greatly approve of it! Plus, I think she may have a thing for Italian guys. Score!

Asa , please marry me!!!!!!!

Speaking of porn stars I had the pleasure of meeting at Exxxotica, Sasha Grey is going to be in a mainstream film! She is to be the lead star in Steven Soderbergh’s The Girlfriend Experience. In it, she will play a call girl. Soderbergh is a talented and respected director who made such good, quality films as Traffic and Out of Sight. Plus, she's already been featured in vids for the Smashing Pumpkins and Dave Navarro, as well as small roles in Quit and Smash Cut, a Canadian horror film. Sasha was so fucking cool in person, is a total natural beauty , and yours truly wishes her the best, and hope she succeeds. Oh, and be sure to check out her myspace; it's a really good one!

Man, Adurina Patridge is gorgeous! For those who have no clue who she is, she is, by far, the hottest babe on the ever craptacular MTV "reality (and I use that term loosely) show" The Hills. Now, before you have some kanipfit over me mentioning this show, let me clear this:

I do NOT and will NEVER watch this crap, but I would be a fool or have no taste in women, not to admit how hot she is. Audrina has a smoking HOT body, beautiful eyes, nice rack, and, she seems like she might be a pretty nice person. Ms. Partridge is featured in this month's Maxim (I ain't got the issue in the mail yet, sadly), and the pics I seen are SWEET! Plus, she is starring in the remake to House on Sorority Row . Now, I never seen the original (but I do plan to), but the remake has potential. It was shot with an R-rating in mind, and not only does it have Audrina, but it has another fav of this blog: Jamie Chung!!!!! Damn! That's twice the babeness! While, I doubt there will be hot girl-on-girl love between them (but hey, a guy can dream, right?), their combined presence, should be worth the price of admittance alone!

Finally, one of my fav shows on TV has to be Manswers on Spike TV. It always has the important type of answers I need in my life! And, well the most recent episode had an answer which combined three of the greatest Bs, ever: beer, boobs, and babes!

Beer it seems, makes a babe's boobs bigger, or at least that is what this says:

Maybe, that's why this cutie has these HUGE beer glasses!