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The Beautiful Adrenalynn

Before I go on I should mention that that although many say that Adrenalynn is Asian, she states that her mother is black and her dad white. Clearly she is multi-cultural. Whatever the case maybe, she is gorgeous!

Here she is telling what ethnicity she is:

Adrenalynn has been modeling since she a was toddler, for stuff like the JC Penny catalog. She went to SMU in Texas where she graduated with a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts; she was a trained ballet dancer.

She has done work for Naughty America, Digital Playground (where she was known as Adrianna Lynn), and other porn companies.

But the major thing that sets her apart from her peers is that she is a tattoo artist , as well. She works at Psycho Clown in California. I think she does some really fucking cool work. You can see it here.

Of course, she, herself, has many tattoos. And, I, as lover of beautiful tattooed girls, think this makes that much hotter!

Here she is getting a tat, herself.

The lovely beauty also has a great myspace where she posts blogs and pics. She also her own blog, that is one of my favorites to read. I recommend you guys check it out, too.

I really like the way she comes off, as is evident by this interview:

Coming off very down-to-earth and with her amazing chest , beautiful smile and face, sexy tattoos and piercings, and exotic good looks, Adrenalynn is definitely one of the hottest porn stars around!

I mean just check out her curves in this clip!