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Asian Fever #35

Title: Asian Fever #35
Studio: Hustler
Cast: Nautica Thorn, Jandi Lin, Ashlin Van, Sasha Hollander, Kyanna Lee, Jazmine Leih

In this entry in Hustler's awesome series, each scene has it's own little story, so to speak.

In the first scene, one of the stunning cover girls, Ashlin Van, tries to get her hubby's attention. But, he has shit to do, goddamn it! Thankfully, he sees her in her little outfit and decides to do her! Smart man! Ashlin is a stunning, drop dead beauty, and one of this fine disc's most beautiful woman, if not the most beautiful woman. Sadly, the scene itself is sort of mundane and lacks any real heat. The final facial is nice, though. Nonetheless, this is the weakest scene in the film.

But, the movie whips right back into shape when the lovely Jazmine Leih convinces her gorgeous friend Kyanna Lee to try some black cock. They mess around first, until the lucky dude comes into the scene. This might be the best interracial scene I have ever viewed. It is expectationally hot and both girls deliver a blistering performance. Jazmine is truly beautiful, while Kyanna is a sight to behold. She has one of the best asses, that I have ever seen, and an amazing curvy body, that only a goddess could hope to have. The finale with both girls getting and sharing a facial is as hot as the pits of hell. A killer scene all the way that will make you rip right through your pants.

Another amazing scene has the very typical scene of a guy coming in to fix the pipes of Sasha Hollander. She looks smoking hot in a see-through fish net red dress. And, when he sees her masturbating, he decides to clean his pipes out with her holes. Sasha burns the scene with her hot work. She looks great, and this is yet another stellar scene. While, I always prefer facials the money shot on her wonderous boobies is fucking good shit. Your pipe will be clean, too!

The next scene, and second best one, has a dude showing his friend his tied up girl, ravishing cover girl Jandi Lin. She plays the submissive girl excellently. In fact, I want my own tied up Jandi Lin! Ms. Lin gives a great bj and takes both dicks quite nicely. She is so hot in this scene, that you won't fucking care that she only does rotisserie sex. I absolutely LOVE Ms. Lin's tattoos, in particular the one on her back. The double facial at the end, almost literally puts the icing on the cake! Marry me, Jandi Lin!

The last scene has cover babe Nautica Thorn play a bikini bandit, who a guy catches trying to steel his car. He is calling the cops, but Nautica offers up some sex to be let go! Works for him and me! Nautica is a total cutie, and while the scene starts off with her giving great head, it sort of loses me once the actual fucking starts. That said, you get whipped right back into hotness land, when she gets a nice facial.

While, both the first and last scene are nothing to write home about the other three scenes rank high in boner land. The picture quality, in widescreen, no less, looks amazing and sound is nice, too.

As far as extras, we get a decent behind the scenes, but sadly there are no interviews with Sasha and Jandi, only Ashlin, Nautica, Jazmine, and Kyanna. Oh, and not that I care about them, but the guys in those scenes, too. Why? I don't know. I do know this, Kyanna has curves to kill for, and she is so sexy and slutty during her interview, that she makes this must see material. Also, included is a nice slide show and trailers. In all, if this new look and director are the sign of things to cum in this series, then as a great action hero always says, "Yippee kiay motherfucker!"

3 out of 4 Woodies