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Chiller Theatre: October 2023

On the weekend of October 27-29, was the latest of the October Chiller Theatre. My friends and I went on that Saturday the 26th and had, of course, an absolute blast! The weather was beautiful, being a very oddly warm day for late October.

The first person that I went up was the lovely Deborah Rennard. One of her best known roles is playing the bad girl in the Jean Claude Van Damme movie Lionheart. I had a big crush on her after seeing that flick, so I was really excited to meet her. She was awesome in person too, being all smiles and very grateful. This made a great way to beginning to what would be an awesome day at Chiller!

After that, friend Alan and I went to see our friend and scream queen extraordinaire Tiffany Shepis, who haven't seen in years, since the last Chiller that she was at way back in 2008. It was grea to chat and catch up with her. It is also awesome to see her in a major production like Star Trek: Picard. We talked about Trek, being on The Last Drive-In, and much more, including her even joking around about me buying a lot of stuff at this con while still being between homes not being the best of ideas! She is so sweet, genuine, and awesome, and it was just wonderful to see and talk to her again after too many years.

Up next for me were one of the people I was most excited to meet this time around at Chiller, the gorgeous Darlene (Back to the Future II, Pacific Blue) Vogel. I had the absolute biggest crush on her after seeing BTOTF2, and I got to tell her just that. She was all smiles and gave me two bigs hugs, as well as telling me she had a crush on one of the guys in Biff's gang while shooting the fan favorite movie. Vogel is still stunning and might be the most awesome celeb I met that for the first time that day, which is a saying a lot!

One actor I met and didn't get a pic with but did get his autograph was Nobert Weisser. He played Norwegian #1 in John Carpenter's masterpiece The Thing. Having recently gotten Carpenter's autograph at New York Comic Con (more on that in a future post!), I have decided to get as many signatures on my recently purchased 4K of what is my favorite Carpenter movie, as possible. 

By this point we were hungry and decided to get lunch. I also took this chance to shoot a pic of my friend Nelson and his girlfriend, who did an awesome Joker dou cosplay!

The last celeb I went up to was the other one that was at top of my must meet list this time around: Dedee (The Horror Show, Vamp) Pfeiffer. She is afterall, a Horror Crush inductee, and an awesome and beautiful actress, that I have been a long time fan of. I actually recently saw Vamp for the the first time ever, and I enjoyed the hell out of it! Which I made sure to let her know. In person, she was a total sweetheart, down to earth and just plain awesome. Oh and if you are wondering why I switched from my a Killer Klowns from Outer Space long-sleeve (which I got at HotTopic.com, if you must know) to my Fright-Rags Lucio Fulci's City of the Living Dead, it's cause it had gotten hot as balls by this point in the day.

After having some dinner we went back to the hotel for the party. We didn't stay too late, but we still had a fucking blast and saw some great cosplays and cool sites. Here are a few of my favorites. Oh and again if you are wondering, I switched back to my long-sleeve cause it got a cooler by nightfall.

My phone acted up on me, but other than the crap lighting, this seems fitting enough, also a great chance to wish you all a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 

Here is the cool swag I picked up at the con:
From Vinegar Syndrome, who were selling everything at 10% off:
Camille Keaton in Italy and Mark of the Devil 4K (a new release of thiers and long overdue upgrade for my super old Anchor Bay DVD)
The Frankenstein Syndrome (An awesome movie, which I bought off of Shepis and she signed for me)
Screem magazine which scored me a free copy of Bob Clark's Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things 4K
and a NECA The Bride of Frankenstein action figure which I got for $25, which was definitely the merch deal of the day!

And, so ended another edition of the greatest convention in the world: Chiller! Were any of you guys there? If so who did you meet? Let me know in the comments section below.