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NYCC 2023: Thursday- My First ever Group Cosplay: Bob's Burgers & Much More!

October 12-15 2023 marked the latest edition of the always awesome New York Comic Con, held as always at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City. I was there for three out of the four days, all of which provided my friends and I a ton of fun. The first of these days, Thursday the 12th, was especially memorable for me, cause I got to do my first group cosplay: Bob's Burgers! Joined by a group of my friends: Bob (Hellen), Linda (Danni), Louise (Bree), Tina (Tara), and Millie (Alex), while O I was Gene, we met early and walked around the con. We got stopped quite a few times and posed for a ton of pics. 

Speaking of pics, as you will see in the following ones, we had a blast. I loved being part of a group, especially one that consisted of my friends, who all rock! I hope that we do this every year. Anyways, on to those pics!

There were also, of course, a ton of cool cosplays on hand, from other fellow cosplayers. Here are some of my favorites:

These guys were promoting the new season of Chucky (still one of the best shows on TV!) and were fucking awesome!

Here are some more awesome sites from this day at comic con!

Finally, after I got out of my cosplay, I met Matthew K. Manning. He was signing copies of his latest book, the awesomely cool Batman" The Multiverse of the Dark Knight.

I also got this swag at comic con on this day:
From TeeTurtle, I got two con exclusive con shirts:
Sorry for the accurate things I said.
I have no idea what I'm doing.
From Topps, I won some NYCC exclusive Garbage Pail Kids cards.
And, from Super7, I got NYCC exclusives of:
Glow in the dark Reaction Gigan and a large X-ray Optimus Prime action figure.

Stay tuned for my coverage of Friday and Sunday, including my debut of another new cosplay of mine!