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Horror Crush: Maria Taylor

It's October, and it feels like the right time to induct a new lady into the Horror Crush section of this site. So, let's do just that with British beauty Maria Taylor!

There isn't a whole lot of info on Taylor as she is a relatively young and new actress. What is known is that she was born in Manchester, England. Her first movies was a horror thriller named Mega Lightning (2022), which apparently combines a disaster film with horror. In it, guests at a house party have to deal with deadly (and apparently badly CGIed) lightning and a psychopath. Taylor looks to have a prominent role in it. The being said, it definitely doesn't look very good, but hey maybe I'm wrong. If you've seen it, let me know your thoughts in the comments section down below.

It's her next movie that is the only one I've seen of hers so far, and what earns her this induction: Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey (2023) (which is currently streaming exclusively on Peacock). Made cause Winnie fell into public domain and thus giving the filmmakers the ability to turn a beloved family character into a slasher villain! High level concept, or even necessarily actually good, this ain't. But, despiste this, it is enjoyable.

In this version, Christopher Robin has left Winnie and friends, and gone off to college. This causes the bear and his crew to go bonkers and begin to kill. We learn this all in an animated prologue. Cut to present, where Robin (Nikolai Leon) has bought his wife to meet his fuzzy friends. But, he soon learns the truth of what they have become. His wife gets killed by Pooh and Piglet, and he's kidnapped. Soon after Maria (Taylor, yes character and actress have the same first name) and her pretty friends show up to spend some time time amongst friends. But, Pooh and Piglet begin to off them one by one. OK, I don't think I ever thought a few years ago, that I would be typing anything like this. Yet, here we are!

As I said, this ain't good, but it is better than it has any right to be, or most reviews lead you to believe it is. I like that it is mean spirited, savage, violent, and a little bit sleazy. It is sometimes to dark to see said violence, but there are still some solid kills. And, it definitely feels merciless. It has some nudity, too (no, not from Taylor), and the girls in the group are all gorgeous. Their characters sadly lack any depth, but they are at least not annoying.

Taylor is fine in her role, being quite likable. She is an absolute stunner of a beauty. As soon, as she appears on-screen, getting therapy for a past trauma involving a stalker, we are taken by her beauty (her eyes are especially beautiful!). She has a great presence about her, and I think has an excellent future.

Upcoming and featuring her is a sci-fi/ horror movie called Dinosaur Prison (2023). This one is about, you guessed it, a prison with dinosaurs. Looks like she has a main role in this, too. Will it be good? Who knows, but she looks gorgeous, clearly!

I didn't expect to see that her resume has so much horror in it! She has the makings of a new scream queen, especially if Winnie picks up cult status or at least infamy. Still, she has the looks and acting chops for sure. Just take note of the impression that she's made upon me in a movie that is really just alright. Imagine if she appears in a higher quality horror movie! With that in mind and, ever hopeful that she does, Taylor is now an official inductee of Horror Crushes!!