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NYCC 2023: Friday- Rick Flag, My First DC Comics Cosplay and More!

On Friday, October 13th of the 2023 edition of New York Comic Con, I did my first ever cosplay based on a DC Comics character. It being the The Suicide Squad (which is one of my absolute favorite superhero movies of all time) version of Colonel Rick Flag as played by Joel Kinnaman. And, I had a fucking blast doing it!

This might just be my favorite pic of mine from the entire con this year. I simply LOVED this Wendy's inspired cosplay!

What really added to the fun for me and made it a true highlight for me was being part of the DC Comics group cosplay. I've never done any cosplay shoot with a group this big, and it's honestly an awesome feeling and memory. I truly hope to do something like again. 

The following two pics were taken at the shoot by Carlos A. Smith:

The following ones I took at the shoot, as I wasn't in these group shots or are pics where I in got with fellow DC cosplayers:

Here are some other cosplays that I saw and loved on that day:

This awesome Harley Quinn cosplay was done by Mackenzie.

The only panel that I got to attend this year was the one hosted by Shudder for the highly enjoyable V/H/S/85 and the V/H/S franchise in general. It featured directors from various entries in the franchise.

On this day, I bought:
And, a NYCC exclusive Vinimate AEW figure of Sting in a CM Punk shirt sold at the Diamond Select Booth.
A NYCC exclusive glow in the dark The Phantom of the Opera action figure by NECA (at their booth).

I wouldn't be there on Saturday but returned for Sunday for what end up being not just the best day of the con, but one of the best days I ever had at Comic Con. But, that is for another story...

In the meantime, who amongst you were at NYCC on this Friday and what were the highlights for you? Let me in the comments section below. 

To be concluded with next NYCC post!