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NYCC 2023: Sunday- The Final Chapter with John Carpenter and Cosplay Galore

I wasn't able to secure a Saturday ticket for the 2023 edition of New York Comic Con, but I was back the next day, October 15, for what ended up being the most epic and awesome day of the entire con for me. Fuck, it was one of the best days of the whole damn year for me!

You see, I got to meet one of my heroes: the legendary master of horror, John Carpenter! Between moving and not having our actual place (until just a few days ago actually), this year has been really hard. My depression and anxiety have been hit hard by all of this. One day, my mom randomly said that she wanted to gift me John Carpenter's autograph at Comic Con! I was surprised, touched, and grateful. So much so, that I cried as I thanked my mother. This meant so much to me, as Carpenter is one of my biggest influences and heroes. Someone, whose work and movies, I've loved since childhood.

I had my autographed scheduled for that Sunday and met up early with friend Danni, to do that first and foremost on that day. There was a long line, but I must say that Comic Con handled it well, and it really didn't last as long as it could've in a less better run con. Anywho, when I finally got up to him, and I told him that he was one of my heroes and biggest influences. He replied to me, "Well, Gio, you have a beautiful girl with you." He was, of course. referring to my friend Danni, who was greatly flattered, and I was left with one of the greatest memories I'll ever have in my entire life.

He signed my newly bought 4K copy of my favorite movie of his, one whose my love for has only grown more and more over the years and viewings: The Thing! I adore this movie and this autograph is one I will cherish for all of my life.

After that it was back to enjoying the rest of the con. I was still in my Rick Flag cosplay, and I was soon to discover that luck was truly with me! As I ended up winning a Jurassic World dinosaur and $75 off of a lighsaber! You'll see that and other stuff that got below. For now, here are some visual and cosplay highlights of the final day of Comic Con!

This is the final swag that I got at NYCC 2023:
From Super7, I got NYCC exclusive shirts of mummy Snoopy and Woodstock and Transformers Good-Bye Megatron
50% off of books with something free got me Garbage Pail Kids: The Ultimate Pop-Up Yearbook at half off and Stranger Things Tarot Cards for free!
A Roman Reigns WWE Elite action figure
The aforementioned Jurassic World Mosasaurs, which I won
And, winning $75 off of a lighsaber I got me one that will be great for my Obi-Wan cosplay!

And, so ended this awesome and epic day! It was another great edition of New York Comic Con. You can, of course, bet your ass that I will be back next year! Who amongst you were there this year? What were your highlights? Let me know in the comments section below.