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Horror Crush: Dedee Pfeiffer

 It's that time again, to induct another lovely and talented lady into this site's Horror Crush section. This time around, is the first sibling to a major Hollywood star, to inducted. In this case, she is the younger sister to the gorgeous and ridiculously talented Michelle Pfeiffer. Yes, dear friends and readers, today I induct the stunning Dedee Pfeiffer!

Dedee Pfeiffer was born in Midway City, California on January 1, 1964. She began her acting career in 1985 with an appearance in Simon & Simon and, that same year, her first movie role in Into the Night. But, her first horror movie appearance would be a year later in 1986, for the horror comedy Vamp. 

Vamp has vampire strippers and a cult following and might be best remembered for starring Grace Jones. I have actually never seen it, but I plan to change that, soon hoefully. Anyway, Pffeiffer clearly looked spectacular in it. As I have mentioned here in the past, I am a sucker for girls rocking 80s hairdos and overall look. I am sure there are Vamp fans out there reading. Tell me your thoughts about it and Pfeiffer's role in the comment section below.

In 1985, she appeared in the made for TV horror comedy called The Midnight Hour, which I never heard of before. Have any of you seen it?

Her next horror flick role came in 1989's The Horror Show. It was originally planned to be House III, but distributors felt that it was too tonally different to its predecessors. You see this flick was much more serious and intense. Still, in Europe it is called House III. And, if I can be honest, it's better than any of other House movies, a franchise, I generally don't care or like (especially the godawful second installment).

The movie deals with a serial killer, Max Jenke (the late, great Brion James), who gets sent to the electric chair, but isn't quite dead. He haunts and fucks with the life of the cop, Detective Lucas McCarthy (the always awesome Lance Henriksen), who arrested him. It's part of a this odd, short-lived, cycle of horror movies dealing with executed serial killers who come back to life to terrorize the guy who took them down. Other movies in this batch include Wes Craven's Shocker (which stars another Horror Crush inductee, Cami Cooper) and The First Power (which stars Lou Diamond Phillips and the gorgeous Tracy Griffith, who I think would be a great addition to Horror Crushes. What do you guys think?). 

The movie has some great acting especially from Henriksen and James (I love his evil laugh). Honestly, the whole cast is quite good. The movie also has some solid and graphic gore courtesy of KNB EFX. I don't know if its the best of the dead serial killer to life post-execution, but I could definitely some saying that it is (something I have seen, including, if I am not mistaken, by Fangoria, themselves). For what is it worth Shocker is my favorite.

Anyway, Pfeiffer plays Henriksen's character's teenage daughter, Bonnie McCarthy. She does a good job in it and is quite likable. She does appear in a shower scene, but the actual nudity is from a body double. That's something I didn't even know till rewatching the movie last month. Anywho, this is the movie I first saw her in and first crushed on her. 

She appeared in many movies afterwards but only two horror flicks. Both are direct to video, and I had never heard about them till writing this piece. They are: Blue Demon (2004) and AVH: Alien Vs. Hunter (gee, I wonder what movie that one wanted cash in on...) (2007). I ask you guys once again, have you guys seen these? Let me know in the comments section below.

Pfeiffer also appeared in two genre shows: two episodes of The Dead Zone (a show I watched sporadically) and one of my favorite shows of all time: Supernatural (both these pics are from said episode).

DeDee Pfeiffer may not have been in a ton of classics, but she has a decent amount of horror under her belt. Besides her work in Vamp, The Horror Show, and Supernatural alone seals her position as a beloved actress by horror fans. Always stunning, to this very day, this talented blonde beauty is now the latest induction into Horror Crushes! 

Are you fan of DeDee Pfeiffer? Let me know in the comments section and let me know which is your favorite role of hers?