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Terror- Trapped in a World (Album Review)

 Musicians: Terror
Album Title: Trapped in a World
Genre/ Subgenre: Hardcore/ Heavy Hardcore
Label: Self Released
Release Date: March 5, 2021 

Terror's latest release, Trapped in a World, finds their former guitarist Todd Jones of Nails rejoining them. Reconnected, the band goes through 12 of their most face pounding tracks from their first two albums, Lowest of the Low and One with the Underdogs. The result is is 24 minutes of slamming, adrenaline charged music. 

The tracks chosen here are all face rippers. "Life and Death" goes at full throttle and mixes speed and groove for a catchy and energetic ride. Speaking of groove "Out of My Face" is pissed off and blazing, with a catchy and angry chorus that you'll be signing along to and opening up a can of whoop ass. "Overcome" has this great intro of drums and riffs that goes right into Scott Vogel's barking vocals. It has one fuck of a pounding groove that will get you moving, even if its just you in quarantine. "Keep Your Mouth Shut" is an absolute banger with a battering assault of speed, groove, and lyrics that will get you fucking pumped up. The production is clear and helps to give a whole new life to the songs.

Trapped in a World is an awesome compilation of rerecorded tracks from Terror's first two albums. It's catchy, pissed off, and has groove out its fucking ass. Production is solid, making everything sound brand, spanking new. In all, it's great way to tide fans over till their next album, which is slated for later this year.