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Monster-Mania March 2017

Yesterday, on March 11, 2017, my friend, and Master's Minion, Freddie and I hit Monster-Mania. It was unquestionably the most brutally cold MM, ever. Well, at least of the ones either of us have ever done. And, it should be noted that Freddie has done way more than me! It was also even more packed than usual thanks to John Cusack and the cast of Stranger Things. I didn't meet either or (although I am a HUGE Strangers  fan), but I did meet other celebs and do other fun stuff. Which resulted in us have one hell of a time!

The first person that I went up to was Amy Dumas, AKA Lita. The lovely WWE Hall of Famer was pretty cool and laid back in person. I got the autograph for my friend Alan, while I got the pic with her for myself.

The main autograph room was packed as fuck with fans, so we waited till later in the day to meet the rest of celebs. In that room, I first went up to Adam Green. He is the director of films like the Hatchet I & II, Frozen, and others. Adam is one of the nicest guys ever! He posed for pics for free and signed whatever you brought with you for free. I paid cause I bought season two of the awesome and terribly underrated Holliston, on Bluray, from off his table.

He talked to Freddie and me for a little bit and even told us about the horrors of shooting Hatchet III in a real swamp (bugs! bugs in butts! mosquito bites!)! I told him that I recently mentioned the amazing Hatchet II as one of the The 10 Best Slasher Movies You (Probably) Haven’t Seen. He was gracious about that, and is really, an all around awesome dude.

Kristy Swanson was really at the top of my list to must meet this weekend. Her line moved slow and she had to leave to do a photo-op. However, the wait to meet her was worth it! She is so sweet and nice in person, as well as drop-dead gorgeous! She still looks AMAZING! I was dorky enough to tell her that when I was a kid and saw Deadly Friend, that I totally got a major crush on her. She said, "Aww!"
Kristy signed my Deadly Friend DVD cover. She asked if I had the disc with me, but I had only bought the cover. I guess she would have signed the actual disc too? Don't know, but I am so happy to have met her!
 Now, let's look at some of the awesome cosplay that I saw in that room:
 I get killed by Jason, a lot, don't I?
Later in the day, I stopped by Troma and got a pic with Lloyd Kaufman and the Troma team! As usual there were some beautiful Tromettes on hand at the con.
I am most happy about the fact that I got to run into my friend, adult performer and horror actress, the drop-dead gorgeous and hot as fucking hell Nadia White! I was a little worried that I would miss her, but that obviously didn't happen. Nadia is so fun, sexy, and bubbly in person, that she really always brightens the mood where ever is at. So, that despite the fact that by this point I was exhausted, I was very feeling joyful, all of a sudden. She had a mold of her butt-hole with, which is pretty fucking hot, needless to say. She told me about all the porn stuff she has lined up. All I will say is that she is one busy, hard working, and naughty babe! You gotta love her!
As I said earlier, we had a fucking blast. It was a great time, that was, for me, quite frankly needed. Great to meet celebs and run into friends. Including, among them was one that I had been friends with forever on Facebook, Elizabeth who runs Archivists Bet on Sexy Witches and The Halloween Horror Movie Marathon Madness over on FB. 

I also picked up some cool swag, of course: 
A Funko Pop Predator (which is apparently getting harder to find)
Blu-rays of: the aforementioned autographed Holliston season two
Turkey Shoot (AKA Escape 2000) from Severin
and, I FINALLY own Shout Factory Death Wish II Special Edition which features the long unavailable (in the US) unrated cut of it, which I bought of off the Diabolik DVD booth.
And, finally from Fright-Rags I got a tee of my favorite movie of all time, Re-Animator and a air of Frankenberry socks!
Did of you guys go to Monster-Mania? Who did you meet and what did you buy? Let me know in the comments, below.


Acadia said...

Good post - that was a fun show. I am glad I only took one day for it as I think I hit everything yesterday but I will definitely got again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Yeah, one day is definitely enough, as we were only there one day as well and did all we wanted to.