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Title: Dig Two Graves
Director: Hunter Adams
Writers: Hunter Adams, Jeremy Philips
Cast: Ted Levine, Samantha Isler, Danny Goldring, Rachel Drummond, Dean Evans
Year: 2014
Min: 85

In 1977, Jake (Samantha Isler) is haunted by the passing of her older brother, who died after jumping off a ravine and into water. Her family, especially her mother (Rachel Drummond), are also suffering from the tragic loss. One day, Jake runs into three mysterious men. They show her a trick with a rattlesnake that seems to die, only to come back to life. Their leader, Wyath (Troy Rutash), promises he can do the same for her brother. But, he demands a life for a life. She will need to push Willie (Gabriel Cain), a boy who is continuously picked on by bullies and has a crush on her, off of the same ravine. Can she kill an innocent boy to bring back her brother?
To reveal anymore of Dig Two Graves would be to ruin it. Suffice to say that as this excellent slow-burn movie unravels itself, as its dark secrets get revealed. It many times a quiet movie with moments that come and punch hard, when they hit. The film tells a tight and enthralling story that entices you and pulls you in slowly but surely. And, as each truth is revealed you feel it right down to your soul.

There is a lot of character development mixed in with the enriching exposition. This means the pacing is slow and building, but your patience of staying with it pays off immensely. By the time the climax came I was holding on to my seat in the theaters tightly, my heart racing and my eyes glued to what was transpiring on the screen.
The acting is phenomenal. Particularly when it comes to Ted (Silence of the Lambs) Levine and young Samantha Isler. Levine gives a deep and powerful performance as Jake's grandfather and the town's Sheriff Waterhouse. His loving relationship with Jake is the soul of the film. Isler is just incredible as Jake. She gives one of the finest performances from a young actor that I have seen in a genre piece in a many moon. Her character is the heart of the film, and she remains believable throughout. We take this horrifying journey with her and care for what she does and what happens to her.
Director Hunter Adams gives us one of the year's best looking films. He really knows how to use the countryside to it's fullest. There is some truly stunning cinematography even using crane shots, making it look more expensive than it actually did cost to make. He is also a master in his use of shadows. The movie is dark, very dark. Perhaps this might be a bit overdone at times. But, the truth is there is such a haunting and creepy feel to it; that one cannot fault him for his choice in doing this.
Dig Two Graves is a stunning, beautiful, and haunting horror film. The slow building plot unravels itself like one of the rattlesnakes, in the movie only to fully strike at the tense climax. The legendary Levine and newcomer Isler give flawless performances that help to further pull you. Gorgeous to look at, this is classy and smart horror for fans demanding high quality in their genre product. It is currently play at a very limited release and is coming to various streaming platforms, and eventually DVD. See it as soon as you can.
3.5 out 4