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Horror Crush: Monika M.

Having caught up on writing for work, it's time to do a little original writing for my site. And, what better way than to pay love to a horror crush? This time around, I show love to one of the sexiest women in extreme horror history: Monika M.!
The gorgeous Monika M.'s first and most famous, as well as infamous role, came in Jorg Buttgereit's Nekromantik 2 (1991). A direct sequel to his own controversial and repulsive art-house/ cult classic, part 2 takes place shortly after the ending. Those of you who saw it will recall that that film's whacked-out necrophile killed himself via harikari, after which his dick shot semen and blood! Anyways, the beautiful Monika (Monika M.) digs him up for her own necrophiliac desires. When she meets a nice guy, named Mark (Mark Reeder), who does ADR (Automated Dialogue Recording) for porn flicks. She likes him, but she is more turn on by a rotting corpse. Can she keep this putrid secret from him and will this relationship work?
Very rarely do I think I sequel is better than its' first movie. However, Nekromantik 2 is just that. It's easier to enjoy, but will still disgust just about anyone who doesn't have a taste for the twisted and perverse. Monika is a big reason why I prefer this movie. Yes, it terribly slow at times and stock footage of a dead seal getting sliced up is repugnant and unnecessary. But, the film overall flows better and is more interesting. Monika, though, it what really makes much of the movie worth sitting through. She is quite good in her role. And, honestly, it's very easy to like her, despite her desire for decomposing pricks. Like? I mean fall in love with her.
And, let's not beat around the bush (pun not intended). She is fucking gorgeous! And, she is at times also naked. Her body is perfect. I remain in awe each time I pop this movie into my Blu-ray player.
She also composed some of the music for this puketastic flick, like the beautiful song below. It plays in such contrast to extreme and vile nature of the movie. In many ways, it accompanies and plays perfectly with Monika's own inherit beauty.
She returned for another Buttergereit flick Schramm: Into the Mind of a Serial Killer (1993). I sadly never saw this but, I know it still very much an extreme horror piece. She, of course, looks great. Any of you out there saw this one?
Finally, she appears in the documentary about Buttergeriet's movies, Corpse Fucking Art (1987). But, I haven't see that either! What the fuck is wrong with me? I know I deserve a major fail for these fuck ups.
I really wish there were movies with Monika M. in them, as she is perfect! Those beautiful eyes of her, her gorgeous hair, her sexy and beautiful body, it all just makes any horror fan fall for her. Without a shadow of a doubt, Monika M. ranks among the most beautiful and hottest women in European horror. And, dear readers and friends is NO small feat. And, so it is with great honor and love that I add Monika M. to this site's Horror Crushes!