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Horror Crush: Isabelle Adjani

In continuing Women in Horror Month, this time on Horror Crushes we have one of the most beautiful women to ever grace film, in general: the flawlessly stunning French actress Isabelle Adjani.
Isabelle was born on June 27, 1955 in Paris, France to a Bavarian mother and Algerian father. She began acting at age 14 in 1970. She wouldn't appear in her first horror film till Wernor Herzog's critically acclaimed remake of silent classic Nosferatu. She played Lucy in said film. I am embarrassed to say I never saw it. But, even without having seen it, I can tell you that that is excellent casting!

Sadly, I didn't see her following horror movie, Tenement (1976), either. Directed by Roman Polanksi, it's another critical hit. I been meaning to see it for ages, but alas have yet to do so. But, I can say that she wears glasses in it and looks extra hot in them, I think.
Her next horror flick is 1981's French/ German flick Possession from the recently late/ great director Andrzej Zulawski. The movie was controversial and got on the infamous British Video Nasties list. It's not for everyone, but those with an open mind will find a fascinating and original movie; one that wonderfully mixes the arthouse drama with the splatter horror movie. It tells the tale of a hubby (an excellent Sam Neil, in what maybe my favorite performance of his) and his deteriorating marriage to his gorgeous and slowly unhinging wife (Adjani). She is cheating on him with some spiritual Euro-trash dude name Heinrich (Heinz Bennent). Oh and, she is also getting porked by a monster covered in blood and with cucumber-shaped head. Yup, you read that right.
Adjani is fucking amazing in her role. Both of them, as she also plays the beautiful and sweet teacher of couple's son Bob. There is a scene where she breaks down in a subway and has a slimey and bloody miscarriage. The movie is gory, artistic, and totally existential. It stands as bold and thoroughly different from anything else in the genre being made at the time. I personally think it gets better with viewings, and it's wild and bloody climax and dark ending make sure to leave it all on a high, if somewhat of a downer, note. Carl Rambaldi's make-up FX are also excellent. Getting back to Adjani, she is a special effect all her own, as she is frequently nude and, as I stated before, also screwed by her monster lover, in one shocking scene.
 She returned to genre one last time in the often forgotten remake to classic French horror movie, Diabolique. I barely remember anything about it, myself. The only thing that stuck in my mind was that some dude is married to Adjani and cheats on him with Sharon Stone. Both women are goddesses, but honestly, I wish they had appeared together in a better film. Not the worst thing, ever but useless, and like I said easy to forget.
I am a huge fan of hers, and there is no denying that with her fair skin, delicate features, sexy French accent, big, light blue eyes, and gorgeous body, she is true perfection. And, that she is also a great actress to boot, one with a very interesting, if a little short, filmography in the genre.