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Horror Crush: Natassja Kinski

With Feb being Women in Horror Month, I figured I would try and give you some horror articles that are related to ladies who have worked/ are working in our beloved genre. I hope to give you as many as I can, on this subject, but note that I need to work on my Adult Entertainment Expo/ AVN coverage as well.
Anyway, let's start things on the right path with one of the sexiest, most sensuous, and truly ravishing women to have ever appeared in horror, the gorgeous Natassaja Kinski. She was born Nastassja Aglaia Nakszynski in Berlin in 1961. Her father is German actor Klaus Kinski (who can be found in some horror movies of his own). She only appeared in two horror films, but both are definitely worth talking about, albeit for a few different reasons.

The first of them would be the last movie that the legendary Hammer Studios would make for many, many until their revival: To the Devil... A Daughter. As I discussed in the review in the link, this movie isn't that great, in fact it is highly flawed. But, it does have it's merits, however limited they maybe. Kinski was only 14 (or 15 or 16 depending on what your read) when she appeared in this movie, fully nude! Due to her age in that movie, you won't find the nude pics here. I will only say this Kinski was always gorgeous, you are more than welcomed to do any further research on your own.
NOTE: the above image is actually not the movie. She is actually fully nude in the above scene. I doubt you are very pissed off about this bit of news.
 Just in case you wanted to see something not really sexy.

Nuns are only hot in horror and exploitation films. Trust me, I went to Catholic school.

Her next horror film is my personal favorite movie that she is in: Paul Schrader's 1982 remake Cat People. She plays the female lead in that one. Her brother, played by Malcolm McDowell, and her are the last of a race of people who turn into panthers upon having sex with others. They need to kill to revert back. They can only have incestuous sex, so that they won't go all feline and murderous. This rightfully grosses her out. Besides, she develops feelings for the zoo curator played by John Heard.
I've seen Cat People several times, and I think it only gets better with each viewing, as the relationships become more interesting. The acting is top notch, and Schrader's directing is stylish. The movie always looks beautiful. It's sexy and gory, too. Kinski is pure sex in the movie. She looks AMAZING and gets fully nude a couple of times in it. Add some great music, including a song by the late David Bowie, and you have a movie that has slowly and rightfully won some cult status. These days, I think it ranks among the best remakes ever and has become a personal favorite of mine.

It's too bad that she didn't appear in more horror movies. But, her roles, in particular Cat People, have left a last legacy as one of the hottest women to ever be in appear in a terror flick.