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AVN Expo 2016: Thurs, Part 2: Two STAR WARS MILFs & an Italian Babe

As we continued our busy day of the Adult Entertainment Expo on Thurs, Jan. 21, 2016, we caught one of the best MILFs in the entire buisness: the gorgeous Jodi West. I have been a fan of hers for quite some time. But, I became an even bigger fan, when I saw how she was dressed on this day at the Expo: as a freaking Stormtrooper!! She was very friendly, always smiling, and posing for many pics, on top of looking absolutely gorgeous. Honest to God, if you have never seen her in porno you are doing yourself a disservice!
What's even more awesome is that a little later I ran into my friend and fellow Star Wars fan Alana Evans. She was dressed in a sexy, tight, R2-D2 outfit. As we were talking about Star Wars (of course!), I felt that I needed to tell her about Jodi's cosplay. She mentioned that she wanted to see it herself, so I took her to where Jodi was. They met, for the first time, might I add, and posed for pictures together. I think it's a pretty historic moment that these two beautiful, blonde MILF porn stars dressed as and into Star Wars met. I also think that I can pat myself on the back for this one!
This is the droid that Jodi was looking for!
Last but certainly not least, I would like to mention that I've recently become quite the admirer of the molto bella (that's very beautiful in Italian, by the way) Valentina Nappi. As such, I was super happy to meet her, in person. She had a continuous line and was always drawing the attention of fans and press throughout the remainder of the days at the show. Seeing her, it's easy to see why, as she is impossibly cute in person, as well as being naturally sexy. Her Italian accent only adds to that sexiness, and her friendly and playful demeanor only help to solidify her attractiveness.

All photography by BAS Photography & Design