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Unborn Suffer- Nihilst (Album Review)

Musician: Unborn Suffer
Album Title: Nihilist
Genre/ Subgenre: Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore
Label: Selfmadegod Records

Polish band Unborn Suffer are back with their fifth album, entilted Nihilist. It's certainly a fitting title for this pummeling release. This is without a shadow of a doubt the most savage releases, that I have heard thus far this year.

There are seventeen tracks in total. Most of the songs are very short in nature. The shortest one is "Post Aburtom pt 3" at 8 seconds, while the longest, "Life Is a Lie" clocks in at just 3:06 minutes. As such the songs come fast and furious, and the album never lets up.

Musically it is as if your being bludgeoned to death by Flash nemesis the Reverse Flash. There are blastbeats galore and guitars that go between lightning fast and crunching viciousness. They accompany vocals (from signer/ bass Piotr "Bexdreadrock" Wisniewsk) that range from inhuman screaming to low guttural growling.While there isn't a throwaway track to be found here, some really standout. Songs like the aforementioned "Life Is a Lie", "Extorted Humanity", the vicious "Destroy What Destroy Us" and the piss and venom filled "Self Purification" are true experiences in uncompromising brutality. Yet, the band isn't above having a sense of humor, as evident by the track "Grind Until I Die" with it's fun title and the ending where Wisniewsk coughs from signing in the way that he does.
Nihilist puts the brutal in brutal death metal. It's grindcore at it's fastest and most face bashing. If your looking one of the heaviest and most barbaric new albums out there, then look no further than this one. Oh and extra points for the cool, old-school style, death metal cover artwork!***1/2 out of *****