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(Video) The Lovely Ela Darling Talks to Us at AVN Expo 2016

Beautiful, geeky, and truly awesome Ela Darling, talked to us earlier this month at the 2016 edition of the Adult Entertainment Expo. There she discussed her VR Tube site, geeky stuff, and more. As always talking to her is a complete pleasure as she is a sweetheart, extremely intelligent, and articulate.
Watch the interview in the video:
All photography, camera work, and video editing by BAS Photography & Design


Anonymous said...

What pleasure to learn how involved she with her mad advocacy skills. She is beautiful, intelligent and a delight to watch - i.e. a triple threat!

Giovanni Deldio said...

Indeed,she is. She's so well versed and extremely smart and also so sweet and friendly. It's always a complete pleasure to see and talk to her. Glad you enjoyed my interview with her.