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Exxxotica NJ 2015

As is custom, for us, on Nov 2015, I, Master Gio, and two of his Masters Minions, BAS Photography & Desgin and Pat Keenan, were present at the Exxxotica NJ expo. We had a blast, of course. Having finished sharing all the interviews with you, it is time for me to post our pics of some of the other lovely ladies that we saw at the con.
 As always the show was PACKED with fans!
Of course, it is always great to run into the beautiful Asa Akira. We got to have a little friendly chat, and one of the things she told me that she is working on a new book, which I eagerly await having loved her first one, Insatiable: Porn—A Love Story. It was really great to talk about writing with her!


  The lovely Hope Harper at the Desperate Desires booth.

Sexy Ophelia Black , whom before this the last time I saw was at NYCC 2015, a month earlier.

The hero our Exxxotica NJ deserves!
 Long time friend the beautiful and legendary Akira Lane.

I had no clue Darth Vader was this hot!

All photography by BAS Photography & Design