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Nile Live at Gramercy NYC 1/14/16

Last night on Jan. 14, 2016, I hit my first concert of the new year. It was for mighty technical death metal masters, Nile. As it turns out I found out that very same day that I had won tickets to see them live for their performance at Gramercy Theatre in NYC. It was a very pleasant and welcome surprise. The concert itself was killer, a night of brutal death metal!!

When I got there Long Island natives Day of Doom where playing. They unleashed a truly savage and brutal (a word you will see often, and with good reason, in this write-up) brand of death metal. I had never heard of them before this, but (un)holy fuck was I ever blown away! This was head-crunching and vicious music.

The next band were also from Long Island, Khiazma. Their blackened death/ symphonic death metal sound allow them to produce a very unique sound. While, unquestionably brutal, they also throw in some keyboards and play very technical, at times, almost prog like music. Fast and complex with moments of melody this is an impressive and original band. I also had never heard of them before, but like, Day of Doom, I am a fan, now!

Finally it was time for Nile to come onstage. From the opening moments to the final song, they played their brand of brutal as fuck death metal. The set featured music from all their albums, and their superior technicality was absolutely on display. Of course, that means they played songs from their amazing release from last year, What Should Not be Unearthed, including the kick ass "Evil to Cast out Evil", my personal favorite track from said album. Mixing the unquestionably fast with crunching slower parts and throwing in Middle Eastern sounds, Nile stand as one of the true masters and legends of technical death metal. The guys, themselves, came off cool as fuck, as they talked to the fans between songs and were clearly having as much fun as we were.  The impossibly heavy music inspired an equally brutal mosh pit that kept going for the whole set.

In all, it was a killer night of truly brutal death metal. Nile are a fucking amazing live band. While I have been a fan of theirs for years, this concert made me an even bigger fan. If you love death metal you need to catch them on this kick ass tour!