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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2014, pt. 4: 40-31

40. Alexandra Daddario (last yr 41)- A long time favorite of mine, the stunning and voluptuous, Ms. Daddario bared her AMAZING boobs and HOT ass for the critically acclaimed True Detective this year, making for one of year's most memorable skin moments. 

39. Willa Holland (last yr 40)- Willa's character of Thea in Arrow has really gotten a lot better and, in fact, become one of the series' most interesting ones. She is sexy and badass, now, even more so with the shorter hair. I think that look is just truly stunning on her!

38. Caity Lotz (new)- The hottest blonde to ever be on Arrow, in my humble opinion, anyway, this curvy and delicious babe was great as Black Canary. Her sad death was the most shocking moment in the early moments of this season.

37. Katrina Law (new)- The lover of the character of the above mentioned Ms. Lotz and daughter of Ra's Al Ghoul, this sexy brunette brings the badass with the inherit sexiness of being a lesbian to the best live action superhero show in the history of the world. Her acting is also most excellent, making her one of my absolute favorite characters on the show.

36. Taylor Momsen (last yr 45)- The sexy, leggy, and beautiful rocker has put her band, The Pretty Reckless', best album yet, with only their second release. It's the kick ass and hard rocking, Going to Hell. That album also ranks as one of this year's best releases!

35. Akira Lane (same)- One of my most reads posts this entire was my interview with this stunning porn star and model, who only seems to get sexier, hotter, and naughtier with time.

34. Jamie Chung (last year 7)- Busy as ever, this gorgeous goddess also broke hearts by letting us know that she is engaged. She had two geek roles that are worth mentioning, though. The first in the box office bomb Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For and, latter, in the year's best animated film, Big Hero 6.

33. Luna Star (new)- One of the most beautiful Latin women on God's green Earth this way too sexy porn star gave me what was my sexiest on camera interview this year and one of the sexiest I have ever had. Her accent alone is worth listening/ talking to!

32. Alexia and Anissa Rodriguez (Eyes Set to Kill) (last yr 36)- I met these gorgeous Latin sisters, for the first time at the awesome Revolver's Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock show in NYC and then met them again for a second time at their own headlining show later in the year. They are so sweet and fan friendly in person! And, of course, they are absolutely gorgeous!!! Also, they kick major fucking ass onstage!! At both shows they fuckin rocked it! I will definitely see them, whenever it is they come back!

31. Remy Lacroix (last yr 34)- I got to meet the beautiful Ms. Lacroix at AEE earlier this year and was taken back by her killer combo of beautiful and cute. I would also like to declare her the greatest hula-hoop dancer of all time. Do a search for proof! I mean she always inspires GIFs, based solely on this amazing talent of hers! 

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