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STARRY EYES (2014) Review

Title: Starry Eyes
Writers/ directors: Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer
Cast: Alex Essoe, Amanda Fuller, Noah Segan, Fabianne Therese, Shane Coffey, Natalie Casttillo, Pat Healy

Lovely Sarah (Alex Essoe) works at a her shitty job, in a Hooters type of restaurant. But, she is a Hollywood hopeful, who dreams of being a big star. One day she goes to the audition for a horror film, but it soon becomes clear to her that she did not impress those present at it. She goes to the bathroom and throws a fit, even pulling out her hair (something of a habit of her when she has a panic attack/ gets stressed out). The older woman, a casting director (Maria Olsen), that was present in the audition, notices her do this. She asks her to come back to the room immediately and do this in from of them. After she does this; she gets a much better reaction from them.

She gets a call back the next day to meet with the producer (Louis Dezseran) and soon proceeds to quits her job. When, she meets with him, that night, he talks her up, then propositions her, while placing his old hand on her inner thigh. She is disgusted and leaves angered. But, as the time passes, she begins to think about she is willing to pay for the price of success. What that price is we soon see is a truly horrific one.

Starry Eyes has to be the most brilliant and nightmarish movies that I have ever seen about a starlet who wants to make it in Hollywood. It really captures a lot of fears that actresses might have and then takes it to a whole another level. No longer is it just the fear of having to sleep with or suck the dick of a producer, but now, it's something a whole lot worse.

Writers/ directors Kolsch and Widmyer are quite the talented duo crafting here one of the most gut wrenching and truly get under your skin movies of the year. I love how this film starts off so mundanely and then as the horrors revealed himself both real world and beyond, it gets progressively more nerve shredding, until it reaches its truly graphic potential. There are some very intense moments that will have you at the very edge of your seat.

This is all helped greatly by the excellent cast. While there is no denying that everyone involved has great acting chops, it's really all about Alex Essoe since her character and her journey are at the very crux of the film. She is so incredibly believable in this role that even when you question her decisions as a character, you can't help but follow her along. She gives what I considered the breakthrough performance in a horror movie this year. She's a stunningly beautiful goddess who physically kind of reminds me of a young and quite tall Debbie Rochon. I eagerly await to see more of this extraordinary actress.

Also complementing the solid and quality filmmaking, is the excellent makeup and gore FX. Handled by Hugo Vilasenor, the splatter FX rank as some of the most absolutely shocking of the entire year. The murders are intense and truly horrific. Most memorable is something involving a dumbbell, that left me completely aghast.

Starry Eyes is quite simply put the absolute best horror movie of this year. Yes, as much as I loved The Babadook, this one is even better. It is a cinematic masterpiece of nightmarish body horror combined with the honest to God fear of what actress trying to "make it" has. With such excellent talent behind and in front of the camera, I can't help but give this movie one of my highest possible recommendations. It's currently on demand so I say stop what ever the fuck you are doing right now and see it! In the meantime, I just anxiously await what these filmmakers and the lovely Ms.Essoe (who is with a shadow of a doubt my new horror crush) have in store for us.

**** out of ****