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Death and Obituary- Live at Best Buy Theatre 11/30/14

Over on MetalSucks.com, I had entered a contest to see a death metal concert at the Best Buy Theater in NYC, featuring Death (AKA Death (DTA)) and Obituary. I really didn't think I would win. In fact, after a while, I had written it off completely. Then I got some great news last week, just when I could use some awesome news. I had fuckin won!! Woohoo!!! And, so on Nov. 30, 2014, a Sun night, I was off to the show.

First off was Obituary, the Tampa, FLA death metal legends, who have recently released their newest album, Inked in Blood, their best since Back from the Dead, I think. They played a couple off of that killer album as well as a couple of classicks from their back catalog, like "Chopped in Half" and "Slowly We Rot". I've been a huge fan of the band since college, when World Demise came out. They were the first death metal band that I ever got the complete discography of. As such, it was great to finally see them live!

And, man did they ever deliver!! They sound just as good live as they do on their albums!! The band was tight and brutal. They fucking tore up the stage. Meanwhile, signer John Trady, always one of my favorite death metal vocalists, had that fucking classic raspy growl of his at full throttle. He sounded awesome as hell. And, looked fucking cool with long as fuck hair. Obituary are must see live band, for fans of death metal, for sure!


But, then it was time for Death to come on. Now, as you probably know, Death are legends in the metal world. They are the world's first true death metal band. Founded by the late/ great Chuck Schuldiner, legendary guitarist and vocalist of the band, he would go on to become one of the most beloved and respected men in the history of extreme metal, if not metal in general. It was a truly sad moment in metal music, when he passed away, due to complications from his battle with brain cancer. Death are my favorite death metal band of all time. The current incarnation known as Death (DTA which stands for Death To All) tours in honor of his memory.

I had my doubts about how Death can play sans Chuck, by holy fuck did they ever deliver!! Props has to be given to the amazing band, including drum god Gene Hoglan. He is a monster on the drums!! This is second time that I have seen him play. Last time I saw him live was when he preformed with Testament. But, of course, you need a great frontman that has the balls and the talent to play and sign Chuck's stuff. That man was Max Phelps of Cynic, who most definitely delivered on all that was needed. He totally shredded on guitar and had the clear, growl style that made Chuck one of my all time favorite vocalists in extreme metal. This dude deserves all the props in the world!

They played music from all their albums, ripping through classics like "Open Casket", "Symbolic", "The Philosopher", "Zombie Ritual", and many more. The night ended with two final classicks in the form of "Crystal Mountain" and a KILLER performance of the masterful "Pull the Plug". And, all of this was done with loving tribute to Chuck, as we fans chanted his name all night. In the end, all this amounted to what was one of the most energetic, fun, and kick ass shows that I have been to all year long, and beyond. All hail Death! All hail Chuck!