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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2014, pt. 7: 10-1

10. Tatiana Maslany (last year #12)- The stunning lead actress of one of the finest sci-fi shows on all of TV, Orphan Black, continues to shine ever so brightly. This season has been absolutely amazing, and so has she in terms of performance, the characters that she plays on the phenomenal TV show, and, of course, her breathtaking good looks. She's also been getting continuous recognition for her phenomenal performances and rightfully so. All, of this breaks her into the top 10 of the list.


9. Deborah Ann Woll (same)- So, the series finale of True Blood ranks among the most disappointing ever, but Woll remains a vision of breathtaking beauty. It was great to see that her character, Jessica, got back together with Hoyt on the series' final season. And, in one of the few good things of the finale, they got married, with her looking like a true vision of goddess like beauty. Next year she will be on the NetFlix/ Marvel show DaredevilI, very probably insuring her remaining on this list!

8. Ash Costello (new)- The highest newcomer to the list is this goth goddess of the alt-hard rock/ post hardcore outfit New Years Day. Like the year before she ranked in Revolver's Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock. Meanwhile, her band's EP Epidemic was a fun and kick ass release, which really makes me excited for their next full length. The band was on tour and will continue to be so into next year. I am hoping to catch them as they support headliners Motionless in White. So, don't be surprised if she ranks even higher next year!

7. Vera Farmiga (last year #12)- Another beauty who slides into the top ten is this gorgeous MILF. As Bates Motel settled into a very solid second season, Farmiga, as Norma Bates, remained an extremely captivating and scrumptious beauty. Her performance also remains complex and excellent. She even ranked in WatchMojo.com's list of the hottest MILFs on TV. She is clearly THE hottest MILF on ALL of TV right now!

6. Dani Daniels (last year #5)- The gorgeous Ms. Daniels, a long time favorite of mine, has become one of the biggest names in porn. Her popularity is at all time high, and growing, may I add, as she continues to garner accolades, nominations, awards, and star in hot as fuck movies. She was at SDCC this year, as well as, of course, AEE/ AVN. Always personable, sweet, and fun to talk to in person; she is also always tweeting and posting the HOTTEST pics on Instagram. Who knows what the next year holds for her, but I think, in fact I predict, even more success for her in the coming year.

5. Dana DeArmond (last year ranked 2012- #57)- Making the biggest return to the list year, and probably one of the biggest returns ever on this list, is the Internet's Girlfriend, the beautiful Dana DeArmond, who continues to do some of the sexiest and hottest porn ever. But, she also gave me what is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most epic, and certainly the longest, on camera interview in the history of  this site this in Jan at AEE in Vegas. She was hilarious, lively, sexy, and intelligent. She had long been on my list of people I most wanted to interview and when I finally did, holy shit, was it ever awesome! In fact, it more than lived up to my expectations and surpassed them even. As such it was one my most popular posts here, this year. Combine that with the awards, nominations, and respect and love she gets by all in the biz, all of which make Dana rank in the top 5 of the year!
4. Tera Patrick (same)- The beautiful Tera Patrick is a true class act and legend in the industry. She remains one of the most breathtaking women anywhere. And, she got to appear in two major and extremely popular posts here, as I interviewed her at Exxxotica AC back in April, and she gave her fans a sexy burlesque show at Exxxotica NJ last month.

3. Jennifer Lawrence (last year ranked #2)- The most beautiful women in mainstream Hollywood had two MAJOR hits in the superior X-Men entry X-Men: Days of Future past and the second to last Hunger Games in Mockingjay Part 1. She was THE biggest grossing box office star of the year, with the combination of these two massive hits. And, she managed to keep her class and head on straight, even after her, and other celeb, nude pics leaked online.

2. Jen & Sylvia Soska (last year ranked #3)- What a busy year this has been for the hardest pair of working women in horror. They had a segment in ABC's of Death, as well as having directed the superior sequel Seen No Evil 2, from there on they worked on the revenge film Vendetta and announced that they will be Painkiller Jane. Always busy with something and always dedicated to the genre, these talented beauties still remain as fan friendly as you can get. They did conventions all over the world, including NYCC where they gave me an epic interview of their own, and my second longest on camera interview yet. There they discussed with me much of the above and more! In fact, finding out what the Twisted Twins will be doing and seeing what they put out, is reason alone to be excited for any year to come!

1. Asa Akira (same)- And, holding the top spot for what is now a record four years is the reigning Asian porn queen: Asa Akira!! How does she pull this off this year, you ask? Well, aside from the obvious (her beauty and hot porn performing): there was sweeping the AVNs in Jan, becoming a Wicked Girl, remaining as popular (and awesome) as ever at cons/ expos, directed and/ or starred in some great porn releases, and finally doing a new and super popular interview with me at last month's Exxxotica NJ, which closes off the year as one of my most popular posts of 2014. Will she still be at the top spot next year? With continued big budget porn releases and as one of the most recognizable names in all of porn, she very well could be!

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And, thus ends this year's list. Hope you enjoyed my picks! And, in case I don't get to post tomorrow, I want to thank you all for the support you have given me this year and before. This site has gotten even bigger this year, and I couldn't do without you guys continued support. I promise to keep giving the type of coverage you can only get here.

Anyway, I also want to wish you all a very fun, drunk, safe, and HAPPY NEW YEAR'S!!