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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2014, pt. 6: 20-11

First and foremost I want to wish, to those who celebrate it, a very Merry Christmas! And, to everyone else, may you have a very happy holiday season. Anyways, here is my Christmas gift to all of you, the next to last part of my yearly list of the hottest babes of the year!

20. Rachel Skarsten (last year #21)- The blonde stunner who plays Tamsin on Lost Girl continues to not only make us fall for her, but her character has turned into one of the show's most absolutely fascinating ones. It will be interesting to see what they do with her on this, the show's final season. 

19. Julia Ann (new)- One of the most beautiful busty blondes to ever grace the porn world, the MILFy Ms. Julia Ann was featured in a very cool layout in Penthouse magazine that combined her beauty with the super cool artwork of Bill Plympton for this year's Dec issue. They both talked to me about it at NYCC, back in Oct.

18. Natalie Dormer (new)- The hottest babe, IMHO, in a show FULL of hot babes, Game of Thrones, Ms. Dormer is a vision of breathtaking beauty to behold. She also played the most interesting recurring character on Elementary, in Irene Adler. But, it's her role as the tattooed, half head shaven, badass Cressida that really made me fall insanely in love with her!

17. Raven Rockette (new)- One of my personal favorite babes in porn right now, this sexy girls only performer is also one of the coolest chicks to ever be involved with the adult business. She posts some of the coolest pics and tweets in all of social media and is hot as fuck in any of her onscreen performances. I got to meet her first at AEE and then interview her at Exxxotica AC, both this year. I can say that honest to God, she is one of the most awesome and smart girls that you will ever meet!

16. Catherine Corcoran (new)- The beautiful star of the single funniest, most over-the-top, and gory fun movie of the year, Return to Class of Nuke Em High Vol. 1, is also a complete sweetie in person. I got the pleasure to meet her twice, first at Tromadance and, then a couple of times at NYCC this year. She is really so awesome in person and so great in her role, that I hope we get to see more of her and soon! 

15. Aste Paredes (new)- This stunning brunette played the lesbian lover to the above mentioned Ms. Corcoran's character in Return to Nuke Em High Vol. 1 (and the upcoming volume 2) and is on her way to be the next major league scream queen. She has a lot of kick ass upcoming projects, all of which she discussed in my interview that I had with her at NYCC back in Oct. Aside, from being beautiful, she is also a true fan of horror films, very intelligent, and a real pleasure to talk to.

14. Zoie Palmer (last year #18)- This past season of Lost Girl showed that there were definitely some difficult times in the world of doccubus (the lesbian relationship between Palmer's character of Laura, a doctor, and Bo, a succubus), but at the same time Palmer showed off an even sexier side of herself, as her character looked the hottest and most beautiful ever, in a couple of key episodes. So, it is most definitely not all a loss!!

13. Anna Silk (last year #17)- And, speaking of Bo, dear God is Anna Silk one of the hottest women on TV or what?! I swear to fucking God, I am so pissed off that Lost Girl ends this season, but Silk has been giving us such an amazing and complex performance, which she continued with this past season and is sure to do so in the coming final one, that we at least have that to be grateful for. 

12. Allie Haze (last year #13)- The gorgeous and sweet Ms. Haze made major news in the porn world, when she finally did anal in Allie. With a hot butt like hers, it should come as no surprise to anyone that this had all of the adult world and it's and her fans buzzing (and probably doing "other" things as well!)!

11. Katharine Isabelle (last year #26)- Rising higher up on the list, this Canadian hottie looked stunning as hell in See No Evil 2, the Soska Sisters superior sequel to the Kane starring slasher vehicle, of the same name. Isabelle's character might have been my favorite one in the entire movie. She was certainly the sexiest, as showed to have an interest in serial killers, even dead ones. They turn her on sexually. Hey, we all have our fetishes right? So don't judge her! Hahahaha!


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