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The 70 Hottest Babes of 2014, pt. 5: 30-21

30. Kristen May (new)- The beautiful and super talented current signer of alt-hard rock band Flyleaf is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet in a band. The band put out their best album since their debut with her in Between the Stars this year. Her amazing voice is complemented by her extremely sweet and fan friendly personality. Seeing the band live (my first that I ever had) with her fronting the band, made for one of biggest highlights this year, for me, as was meeting her and the rest of Flyleaf, and getting my pic taken with her. Kristen is also truly gorgeous, but it's that beauty combined with everything else that I mentioned that makes her one of my favorite babes in all of hard rock/ metal.

29. Katrina Bowden (new)- As the objective of Paz de la Huerta's obsession in Nurse 3D, this stunning blonde with a KILLER ass captivated hearts in the highly enjoyable, erotic horror/ thriller.

28. Paz de la Huerta (new)- Speaking of Nurse 3D, its' beautiful title villainess and lead actress, Paz de la Huerta smoldered the screen, in what may have been THE sexiest performance in a horror film, all year! Her AMAZING body coupled with her full frontal nudity and playing a lesbian character, albeit an insane one, made for the kind of cinematic moments that served to make one feel very, er, "inspired" feeling if you know what I mean!  

27. Emma Anazi (new)- The gorgeous and ubber talented bass player of alt-metal band, Sick Puppies, is one of the best and most rocking bass players, ever in rock. And, this stunning half-Asian beauty is even more beautiful in person. She also puts on one fuck of a performance live. This was very much proven at Revolver's Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock show in NYC, earlier this year.

26. Brittney Palmer (last year 29)- Still the most beautiful woman involved with MMA, in any manner, this gorgeous blonde, UFC ring girl shines, even if the fight, itself, is a snoozer.

25. Jessica Cameron (last year 27)- This stunning and multifaceted blonde, scream queen continues to garner more and more of a following within in the horror community. She remains a goddess with a true love for the horror genre, and her continuous involvement with it, particularly on social media, makes sure she always holds your heart. Currently promoting the shit of her film-making project, #KillThePA, which has to be one of the most exciting, coolest, and innovative things I've seen done in the horror genre in ages! As, this project rolls on, expect her place on the list to continue to rise! 

24. Eva Green (last year ranked 2011- 49)- One of the most beautiful women in the history of the world, Ms. Green returns to the list thanks two movie roles: 300: Rise of an Empire and Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, and most of all thanks to her performance in the excellent horror series Penny Dreadful. In that one, she gave not only one of my favorite roles of her, but one of the finest performances in any horror TV series, this year.

23. Draven Star (last year 22)- This beautiful and sweet Burning Angel girl is a stunner and a highlight of any con she is at or movie she is in. This year she got a boob job and looks amazing as ever!

22. Riae Suicide (new)- I am not even gonna mince words, this blue-haired, Italian goddess is quite possibly the most beautiful girl to have ever have been a Suicide Girl. Absolutely breathtaking, even when she is fully clothed I am completed captivated by her. Quite simply put there are are few women who I enjoy seeing post pics on social media more than her! 

21. Chelan Simmons (new)- Perhaps the hottest blonde to be in a slasher movie this year, See No Evil 2's gorgeous Ms. Simmons totally stole my heart in that film anytime she was onscreen. Horror fans may recall that she was also in Final Destination 3 some years back. I hope she continues to grace our beloved genre!

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