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What I, the Master, Have been Up to

Since the last weekend of May, I've had a pretty eventful and fun time. After an admit ably mostly shitty month of May, my birthday came and things, for the most part, just took an upward trend. I ended the month with my annual birthday celebration at Duffs. Every year these seem to get more and more awesome, and this year was no exception. We actually began the party a little Asian food place in my neighborhood. Where I did three shots of saki. At Duffs, I ended up doing ten beers (at least!) and three shots of Jameson (mmm, Jameson!), so needless to say I was gone! But, it was so awesome a time!! That lead into hanging with my bros on Sunday afternoon and night and Monday morning. The end result? THE best b-day weekend for me, EVER!!!! By the way, I say this every time I write about Duffs, but you need to get your ass to this bar!! No true fan of metal should live their life without ever having been to the world famous DUFFS!!!!!!

Two weekends later I was in Jersey, for Anime Next. Now, I have to say the fact that they charge 45 bucks to get in is fuckin ludicrous! I did have a good time, but it was cause I hung with my bros, Baldwin and Alan. That and I got to photograph lots of cosplayers, including a few hotties. Here are some examples:

Still my fav pic taken that day was this one. I was wearing my Cobra insignia tee, and when I saw these two beauties I thought it would be perfect, if I got a pic of them arresting me. So there you go, being in a terrorist organization determined to rule the world will get you arrested by hot female cops in Jersey. Doesn't sound that bad to me! It was taken, by the way, by my good friend and great photographer, NegativePop. He's done lots of great pics for my blog, like Exxxotica NJ, so be sure to check out his FB fanpage and like him!

 Finally this past weekend, I went to WSU wrestling in Long Island. Now, I ain't been to one of their shows since last year. It was great fun, with some very solid matches. To me, match of the night was Lufsito vs. Leva Bates. Bates is cute as hell, and she always does cosplay. This time she was dressed as the Black Widow! Hot! The main event where the hot Jessica Havok defended her title against the caliente Mercedes Martinez was a casket match and had a couple of nasty spots.

The following pics are girls I met at the show.
 I been a fan of Annie Social for years. So awesome to finally meet her!!
 This was my first time hearing about or seeing the beautiful Kimber Lee, but I'm a fan of now!! She's a good wrestler and so cute! I think I maybe in love!
Post show pic of the awesome and cute as hell Leva Bates!
My fav girl on the roster: Allysin Kaye!
The best faction (and hottest, too!) in all of wrestling, right now: the Midwest Militia (the red head is Sassy Stephanie and the one in the middle is world champ Jessicka Havok, BTW)! They are badass!!!

Yup, so far this month, and every weekend in it, has kicked fucking ass for me!