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Hot Asian Girl of the Month: Ava Devine

It's the month of June which means summer is upon us. With that in mind I wanted to pick a woman who embodies HOT to be my Hot Asian Girl of the Month, and so I picked long time porn goddess and ultimate bad girl: Ava Devine. But, to be honest calling this woman simply hot maybe an understatement!
The beautiful Ms. Devine, who in all honesty is truly divine, was born in January 22, 1974. She hails from Long Island, NY and is of Italian/ Chinese descent. That's very HOT mix right there, if you ask me!
This sexy goddess is 5'4 in height. Her curvaceous body is mouth-watering is a mesmerizing 36DD-25-36. Those curves are enough to cause a major accident!! 
She began to work in 2003, at the age of 29. She took a break in 2005, when she had breast reduction done. In January 2006 she came back. She works still in the industry making dude's dicks as hard as a rock and making us waste tons of tissues in the process!!
Two things make Ava so amazing: first off her looks. Like I stated above, and you can see from the pics, she has a very curvacious body that simply makes you go crazy in lust for her. You gotta love her HUGE boobs and that sweet big ass. Her pussy looks damn good, too. And, then there is MILFy, exotic looks. It's like "DAM'N!!" when you see her!! She's had blonde hair in the past and looked good in it. But, I love her most as a brunette. Either way, the point is Devine is just nuclear hot!!!
To help you further enjoy her tits:

The other thing, perhaps THE major thing, is her performances. A lot of girls say that are or are said to be nasty. But, few are as nasty and dirty as Devine is. She'll do anything: girls, interracial, anal, swallowing, trannies, it don't matter. And, to say that a Ava Devine scene is hot is a fucking understatement. Ava drips sex out of every pour of her luscious body. I'm always turned on by her, simply from seeing her onscreen. She honestly loves fucking and being nasty, and it shows. I've seen her work many times and am always in awe!!  And, no ONE on this planet is a better dirty talker than she is!!! 
Here is an example of her dirty talk and as good as this, I've seen even better ones! Trust me!!
Since, I'm a HUGE fan of girl/ girl action, I always enjoy seeing her with women. She clearly loves pussy as much as cock. That's the sign of a perfect woman!!
Here she is teasing us with a beautiful blonde named Lucia.
If you want to know more about Ava be sure to follow this goddess on her Twitter. Her tweets are as nasty as you would expect them to be!! Recommended!! Also be sure to go to her official website: http://www.avadevine.com/
From her exotic looks, to her beautiful eyes, to her sexy hair, to her delicious ass, to her yummy snatch, to her hot legs, to her killer tits, to every single other inch on her, this woman is sex. Hot, nasty, dirty sex. Truly one of the industry's greatest fuck minxes. Ava Devine is fucking awesome, and once you've seen her smut action you will NEVER forget her!! All hail Ms. Devine, The Hot Asian Girl of Month for June 2012!!!