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Mariah Milano Is Yummier than Ever!

I've mentioned Mariah Milano before here. But, I think it's about time this stunning beauty gets her own wright up. She is definitely one of the sexiest and most beautiful women to ever grace the industry.
This tanned goddess was born on December 31, 1979 in Brooklyn, NY. Her mom is from Sicilian, while her dad is American. She currently lives in Los Angeles, California. 
She got into the porn biz in 1998. She worked through 2000, then took a break. In 2004, she launched her own website. Then in, 2008 she started her own production company.
I'm a big fan of seeing her scenes. She drips sex from every pore in her body and is extremely hot. She really knows how to play up to camera and be seductive and slutty. This makes for smoldering scenes. She will gladly work with guys or girls, do interracial, anal, or take a good facial. She never fails to turn me on and always looks like she enjoys and wants it. 
I actually first found about her in magazine years ago, when she first started, and had blondish hair. I was captivated by her prety much from the moment, that I saw her. And, I remain so. Even in a simple still, she fucking exudes sex. I want her! And, want her now!
She is, of course, incredibly beautiful. She has sexy tanned skinned, a lovely face, beautiful, long, black hair, kissable lips, gorgeous, and smoldering eyes that make you fall in love with her. Her curves are to die for. Her boobs look phenomenal and her ass is simply amazing. She clearly is someone who has very dangerous curves!! And, then there those legs! Damn! I mean everything about her is just perfect! Even her voice is sexy!!!
Another one of the things I really like about her is that she interacts with her fans, especially over on the Freeones bulletin boards. She's posted on threads where she's shown her travel pics, and most recently, and most awesomely, she's been posting links of her cooking in her own cooking thread! Both her and the food she cooks look delicious! The videos never fail to make me hungry AND horny.
Here is the most recent one she posted where she cooks Italian and shrimp wontons. Now, let me tell you, I'm part Italian and I had no clue there was a such a thing as Italian wontons! So, now I have been educated, gotten hungry, and drooled! Not too many videos that can accomplish all of that! 

If you want to see more videos like this, be sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel. You, your stomach, and your penis will thank you! You can and must follow her on her Twitter! I'm glad that Mariah keeps posting stuff and remains active with her fans; it makes her that much more awesome. And, shows she knows how to keep her name out there. 

In short, Mariah Milano is the very definition of amazing!! She is sex!! And, she is a stunning goddess like vision of perfection and sultriness. So, I ask the same question I did sometime back when I last wrote about her, will you marry me, Ms. Milano? Cause, I love you! And, I know that my readers do too!