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Title: Evil Bong
Director: Charles Band
Writer: August White
Cast: David Weidoff, John Patrick Jordan, Mitch Eakins, Brian Lloyd, Robin Sydney, Kristyn Green, Tommy Chong
Year: 2006
Min: 86 min.

Nerdy and straight-laced Alistair (David Weidoff) answers an add for a roommate and soon shacks up three stoners. One of them orders a bong sold in an add. When it gets to their apt, its huge and looks like a chick. Unbeknownst to them, its cursed. Anytime they take a big hit, they get transported to a hallucinogenic stripper world, where gorgeous chicks dance topless. But, these sexy bitches are under the control of the evil bong, who use them to kill each of those who enter the fantasy realm. Each death bring her closer to ruling the world under smoke. But, when she takes the cute blonde, Janet (Kristyn Green), Al most go in and save her.
OK, let's be honest here, this Band/ Full Moon horror/ comedy is pretty stupid, but it is fun! And pretty funny, at time, anyway. Do you need to smoke to enjoy it? No, but it won't hurt! In fact, I kind of wish I had, while watching it. I may need to if I ever plan to revisit it. HA! HA! 

The movie is pretty cheap, I mean it takes place in two sets pretty much. But, it's short and fast paced, so you won't care. The FX range from the good to the terrible. While, the Evil Bong is silly looking (I doubt it was meant to be truly scary), it's biggest fail is that while her eyes move, her lips really don't. Maybe, she talks telepathically. I don't know. The gore includes some spraying and splattering blood. Those are much better done.
On the skin side of things, neither of two leads, the cute Green or the gorgeous Robin Sydney (left) get naked, but they do look great. The nameless strippers do get naked and show their tits, though. One of them is MTV Rock of Love chick Brandi Cunningham (above). I greatly prefer the two brunette strippers to her. But, you might disagree.
Speaking of the cast, there are some AWESOME cameos. Included are other Full Moon characters that appear in the stripper scenes like the Gingerbread Man and one of the Demonic Toys. Actually, on a side note I recently revisited that flick and man did it suck. I have no clue why I liked it as a kid. This flick is much better. Anyway, also in it are appearances by: Tim Thomerson, Bill Mosley, and Tommy Chong. They are all pretty fucking cool, but I like Chong's the most!
The rest of the cast is OK. They what they can with the script and seem to be having fun. It's the best Full Moon movie I seen in ages and despite it's many flaws, that include an ending I saw coming a mile away. Well, at least one of the things that happen in the ending. But, that fits the feel of the movie, so even this is not a full blown complaint. If your a stoner horror fan, I say light a motherfucker up and enjoy this one!

**1/2 out of ****


Steel Rod said...

Please tell me you were high when you saw this...

Giovanni Deldio said...

No. but I wish I had been! That being said, I will not revisit this, until I am high! LOL!