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Rue Morgue #123

Much like Fangoria #314, this month's Rue Morgue #123 has the same ad wherein I and several others are quoted for our review of the ass kicking Dear God No!. Being in my all time favorite magazine, horror or otherwise, is fucking awesome!! And, hopefully someday, I'll have an article in this magnificent mag, as well.
As always this issue of Rue Morgue is filled with some truly awesome shit!! First off, the cover, is always the case with them, is cool as hell. The film featured on the cover, The Loved Ones, has been getting a lot of great word of mouth and looks to be a great, sick flick from the land Down Under. 

Also, covered in this issue are:
The Mar Attacks cards (who are coming back a;long with a comic book)- it's really cool to hear one of the people involved with the original, gory, classic card set and his disappointment with the Tim Burton flick based on them. Can't blame him. I always hated that film and wished it was the gorefest it was meant to be!

Lollipop Chainsaw, which happens to be one of my most anticipated games. I hope it's worth all the hype. It certianly is made with the right kind of love, as the cheerleader's outfit says San Romero's Knights. And, it's written by James (Slither) Gunn. Coincidentally, there was a cutie cosplaying as the lead character from the game at Anime Next, a con I went to this Saturday in New Jersey. A pic of her can be found below this:
Plus interviews with Marduk, whose new album The Serpent Sermon is one of the best, if not the best black metal album, I heard this year, so far. And, Garbage Pail Kids style art provided by GPK artist Tom Bunk for the promotional art for grandgore band Cattle Decapitation. Their newest album, Monolith of Inhumanity, is pure brutality!! And, GPK fucking rules so, it's a match made in heaven. Or hell, depending on how you look at it. 
Plus, there's tons more cool articles, reviews, and features in it. So, be sure to pick it up!