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The Hottest Babes at the Mermaid Parade 2012

This past Saturday was the Mermaid Parade. It takes place in Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York. It began in 1983 and celebrates the beginning of summer, hence why it tends to take place in first Sat. that is closest to the start of the summer. People march in crazy and many times sexy outfits of mermaids and other sea inspired characters and looks. I had known about this parade for years but never went, until this last one. I'm glad I did. I figured I would share pics I took of the of the most beautiful women at the parade here. Enjoy!
 One of my personal favorites girls at the parade. Such a cutie!
 One of the most popular girls at the parade, there were lots of photographers snapping pics of this beauty. Not shocking at all, of course, considering how beautiful she is!
 This babe might have had the best butt at the parade!
 My absolute favorite babe at the parade. She's gorgeous!!!!!!
Uh, hail Satan! LOL!
 The mermaid and her dolphin. Sounds like a Disney movie!

 Peanut-butter and Jellyfish! To me, this was most definitely one of the coolest and most original costumes at the parade. That they are basically topless is nice, too!
 Dear God, this girl is hot!!!!!
 Cute babe hands out beads. Always a win!
 Hottie on a stripper pole, another thing that is always a win!
 Dear Captain hottie, can I join the crew of your boat?
 The one in the green one-piece is Miz, a model whom I have shot before for this blog.
To all the pretty girls out there reading this, showing your boobies, even when they are covered by pasties, is always a good way to end up this blog!

If you have never been to the Mermaid Parade and are in the east-coast area, I suggest you come out to the one next year. And, say hi to me if you see, cause I will most definitely be back!