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Naughty Swag and Raven Alexis Team-Up for a Good Cause

I first heard about beautiful adult actress Raven Alexis being very ill, through via Twitter. But, it was later that I heard that what she has is brain cancer. It's really heartbreaking to hear what she is going through, but her posts always show how strong she is. But, this most recent bit of news proves that she is not only beautiful outside but inside as well.

As I read today on Genesis.com (in this post: http://www.genesisonline.com/04/naughty-swag-partners-with-raven-alexis-for-a-good-cause/), she and new promo company Naughty Swag have teamed up to produce these awesome "Team Alexis Raven: Fuck Cancer!" tees. They were originally wanted to make the proceeds go to help her, but she felt that it should go to St. Jude's Children's Hospital. I am very touched by this and admire her greatly. I think you all need to go out and buy one. You can do so by visiting the site (http://naughtyswag.com/) and clicking on Raven Alexis' name.

So, please go and show your support for her and the battle with cancer. And, God bless you, Raven. I wish you all the best and mean this from the bottom of my heart.

FUCK CANCER, indeed!