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NYCC 2011: Day 2, Part 2

There were a lot of celebrities at NYCC, but I have to say unlike say, Chiller, this con is not as easy to meet celebs. Many charge a lot and ask that you buy their autographs in advanced. Really?! Sorry, but I ain't using my credit card for that.

But, I did really want to meet Nicki Clyne, IE Callie from Battlestar Galatica. I thought she was great in the series and cute to boot. She was only charging 20 bucks, which ain't bad. Well, plus 10 for a pic with her. I didn't do that. In fact, I don't think I was suppose to take pics of her at all. But, I'm press damn it! So here ya go. See, what I do for you, my loyal friends and readers?

In all seriousness, when I went to pay for her autograph (as I said you ain't going get me to pre-order a fraking autograph), I told them I wanted my DVD of season one signed. They said, that's it 20, and I get the 8x10, if I wanted it.

Well, I figured, hey, I'll get both signed! So, I get up to her, and she is very sweet and friendly. She signs my DVD, and we talk about her character getting killed and, thus, being fraked (sorry, if this ruins it for someone out there). But, she says that I have to pay for the 8x10 to get signed. I tell her they gave it to me regardless. She says next time. Uh, no next time babe. Still, I enjoyed meeting her. Well, other than the whole 8x10 fiasco.

I attended the Robot Chicken press conference, but that'll get it's own up-coming psot, so instead let's go to what I saw at the Marvel/ Avenger's booth.

It is the S.H.I.E.L.D. set from the film, and it looked cool! They had three hotties cosplaying, and then invited others that did Marvel cosplay to join them on stage. Some did not wear Marvel cosplay, yet got onstage. Since, they didn't follow orders you won't find them here. Sorry.

I am pretty sure Domino is carrying weapons of mass destruction.

Damn! Wasp is a cutie!

My boy Nelson is the best Deadpool. Dude IS Deadpool!
This Deadpool was the oddest, though!
As a HUGE fan of the Punisher and Captain America I loved this one!

And, before we bid Friday farewell, I should mention one cosplay that was so fucking awesome, and seen all weekend at the convention: Pedo-Bear!! Everyone's favorite pedophiliac bear from Attack of the Show would come up to you and play the role awesomely! I was dying and laughing my ass off, as I saw him over the course of the next few days! Definitely one of my favorites!

But, the craziest day was still to come...