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NYCC 2011: Day 2, Part 1

While, yesterday had been a relaxing day; this one proved to be the beginning of pure insanity. Was I up to the task? You bet your ass I was!!!

Now, I neglected to mention in my first post on NYCC, that the NYCC app was an epic fail and crashed when I updated it at the con, the day before. I woke up extra early to redo my schedule, and I redownloaded the app (despite the fact that it's an awful app, I really needed to have it for my benefit). I then got ready to leave and meet up with my friend Alan, again.

As would soon be my tradition, I got on line to do coat check then on another line to buy some Starbucks (hmm, Starbucks!). The line was long. It was clear that they made a killing at this show! I soon noticed that the amount of cosplay grew considerably, from yesterday. Yep, that was THE first sign of just how much bigger this day was in comparison to the day, before.

Here is a taste of some of my favorites from that day:
Yoko was one of the most popular cosplays of the weekend. It's hot, so you won't see me complaining much!

This Dr. Who inspired costume was sexy, cool, and original.

Super Chicken Nugget boy! Defender of yummy processed chicken meat!

Two of the cutest girls doing cosplay.

Do you like hot goth chicks? Well if you are like me, then the answer is, "Fuck yeah!!" And, so one of my favorite booths to visit and photograph was VampireFreaks. Admit ably, I used to be on that site ages ago. While, I no longer use it, it was fun to see them there. On this day, a hottie was dancing her butt off.
In keeping with the vampire/ goth theme the next booth I hit up was the awesome Vamplets booth. Now, as some of you older readers might recall I did a review and covered them after Toy Fair, earlier this year, for the Gorezone. I really love their product, and they were very grateful of what I wrote about them.

This was also the first day that I met a celeb, at this con. At the G4 table Blair Butler was signing. The line was slow moving and long, but my friend tagged along to keep me company. We talked to some guys on the line so, it went by faster. Well OK, faster than if could have, otherwise... One thing, though, some dude doing Joker cosplay jumped the line to talk to her. It pissed off the people on the line, needless to say. But, I soon learned that Blair is far to sweet to tell this guy off. She liked my Marvel Civil War shirt. And, she was flattered when I gave her my buisness card. Her wonderful personality, made it and utter and compete pleasure to meet her, despite the long wait.

There was even more insanity on Friday, but that is for the next installment. Stay tuned!!!!

NYCC 2011: Day 1

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Jim said...

Wow. The jokes about that Dr. Who costume just write themselves...

"That's one TARDIS I'd like to take a ride in."

"I wonder if that one is bigger on the inside..."

Giovanni Deldio said...

lol! Indeed! :P