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Experiment in Torture

Director: Sean MacArthur
Writers: Sara Angressan & Seam MacArthur
Cast: Brendan Connor, Marjan Faritous, Jessica Montanez, Gina Martinez, Kevin J. Brewerton
Year: 2007
Min: 80

A bunch of strippers, lured by easy money, go to a remote mountain getaway. Suddenly, they are drugged, tortured, and/ or ultimately killed by a sadistic madman.

This piss poor slasher meets torture porn crap is truly bottom of the barrel shit. The acting is piss poor and the dialogue even worse. There is a scene where, and I kid you not here, a girl sits in a toilet and all drugged out, thanks her pussy for all it has given her! Sadly, this flick never rises above the toilet, itself. Characters pop in and out of nowhere. And, what makes it even worse is there is no character development throughout its miserable running time. You truly won't give a flying fuck what happens to anybody in this piece of shit.

I have no clue how it took two to write this crap, since the movie makes no narrative sense. I still don't understand some of it, and quite frankly I don't care to. The flat directing gives the movie zero suspense. There is some horrible shakey camera work, where you can't see shit, and the ending is terrible. The ending is one those, "That's it?!" type deals that makes the preceding even more pointless. But, hey at least it was fucking over!! The end credits by the way have the title track, which is not only a godawful song, but has some ridiculous lyrics like, "Kinda makes me sad to sing this song". You know what makes me sad? That a major studio, Lionsgate in this case, releases filth like this.

On top of that, the editing is also pretty fucking bad. In fact, in one scene, there is a jump cut. Really? Maybe, these guys set out to make the world's most amateur Saw/ Hostel/ slasher flick rip-off in history. If so, congrats assholes! You fucking succeeded with flying colors!

Now, you might say well, maybe the gore is good. Well, you're wrong there, too! Most of the violence occurs off-screen, and when you do see it, the FX look terrible and cheap, including the most fake looking decapitation and amputation, I have seen outside of a student movie. In keeping with the cheap look and feel of the movie, the DVD transfer flat out sucks. It's dark and grainy, and I doubt that was done for any "effect".

The only thing I can say positive about it is the girls are pretty. There is a lot of nudity at the beginning, but after that NOTHING! They're strippers for God's sake! Give us more flesh! Still, this is NO reason to see this, though, as there so many better horror movies with strippers as protagnists, including a bunch of Roger Corman flicks from the 90s.

In all, this movie is an experiment in torture alright. But, it only really succeeded in torturing me. Fuck this one!!

1/2 (a star) out of ****


Jim said...

Well that just sounds absolutely abysmal. I'll remember this is anyone ever suggests I should see it, that way I can save time and just punch them in the face.

Semi-related question, you ever see/hear of a movie called "Curse of Halloween"? It was suggested to me for my Halloween Movie Marathon but I've never heard of it before. Just curious, as you are the Master at this stuff.

Giovanni Deldio said...

Yes, avoid this at all costs. You'll be better of , trust me!

as for the Curse of Halloween, i cant say i ever have before you mentioning, today. But, I found this on it:

Apparently, the Great queen Pumpkin is the main antagonist. Uh, is this the Charlie Brown horror flick?! o_O

Jim said...

Considering this flick ain't even listed on IMDB, a Charlie Brown horror movie would probably be better... I think I'll put that on the "skip" list too lol

Unknown said...

I now understand why Wally left this movie behind when he moved. It's not even "entertainingly" bad? Like Anaconda?

Giovanni Deldio said...

Nope. Just bad and cheap and unwatchable. Not fun in any way shape or form.