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Hot Asian Girl of the Month: Eihi Shiina

It's finally October, my favorite month of the year! Why?Well, causee of all the horror, monster, and scary things love that only happens with the coming of Halloween! So, for this special time of year, I wanted to pick a babe that best represents it. And, so I picked the beautiful horror actress Eihi Shiina!

This Japanese beauty was born on February 3, 1976. She is from Fukouka, Japan.

In 1995, she began to model for Benetton. She represented Japan in Elite Model Look 95. She would go on to do more magazine work.

Her first role came in 1988 in the film Open House. I must admit knowing nothing about this movie. I never even heard of it, until doing the research for this post.

It's her third film, though, that gave her fame. She plays the villain in Audition, perhaps' Takashi Miike's most well known movie. It remains one of his best films and one of my favorite movies. Shiina is awesome in it, eliciting both a submissive and frail beauty and then turning into a psychotic and deadly killer. The movie is undeniably a modern classic, and it truthfully would not have worked as well had it not been for the amazing and beautiful Shiina.

Here is the trailer to this masterpiece:

Although, she would do other films, Shiina's main fame, at least as far as movie audiences outside of Japan go, would come in the form of horror movies. The awesome and fun Tokyo Gore Police, had her in the lead role. And, she may have looked more beautiful than ever! Plus, the movie allowed her to whoop some ass. Which is always hotter, in my book!

Here is the blood drenched trailer to it:

Eihi played the mother (MILF!) of the titular Vampire girl in the silly and over-the-top but very fun and ultra-gory, Vampire Girl Vs. Frankenstein Girl. It's a cool little flashback where she appears in, and as a fan I was happy to see her in this.

2010 gave us two movies with her. The first was Yakuza flick Outrage where she played a call girl(!!!). The other is Helldriver where she plays the zombie queen. I ain't seen these, but I hope to change that.

Here she talking about Helldriver it at the Japan Society 2011:

Shiina is a stunning and lovely actress with a beautiful face and porcelain skin. She always gives a great performance in any of her roles. She has done a few horror conventions here and there. I hope she does eventually pay one of the cons here in the eastcoast. It would be an honor to meet his amazing horror beauty.